The Can-Am is a well-reputed company operating in the off-road vehicles industry with highly popular ATVs and UTVs running successfully throughout the globe. They have a wide range of options for side-by-sides as well as ATVs too, but each one has one thing in common and that is top class performance. Most of their side-by-sides are made to ride smoothly through multiple kinds of trails and are even used for utility in many regions of the US. The UTVs from Can-Am are also called utility vehicles of the crossover kind and are highly preferred by riders who keep durability, longevity and performance as their top considerations. One of the most popular and in-demand vehicles from Can-Am is the Maverick 1000R X-DS Turbo which came into the off-roading market in 2015. 

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About the Maverick 1000R X-DS Turbo with Prime features 

This vehicle from Can-Am is the very first turbo side-by-side of the Industry which was factory installed. The turbocharger has been further updated by the company in 2016 and beyond to further enhance the side-by-sides performance on all kinds of trails. The horsepower had got increased to 131, lets the steep curves becomes much easier to take by all UTV riders. The boost pressure got increased for maintaining stability when crossing highly difficult obstacles on a popular trail. 

The injectors in the vehicle were upgraded to a large size at the same time implementing recalibrations in Continuously Variable Transmission(CVT) of the Maverick 1000R X-DS Turbo. The powerful Rotax 1000R turbocharger is capable of getting you through the toughest trail climbs. In various studies made by off-road vehicles expert, it has been calculated that the Maverick 1000R X-DS turbo has about forty percent more torque in comparison to other brands side-by-sides in the market. 

The boost pressure has auto adjustments in the vehicle for electronically operating wastegate that helps the vehicle maintain optimal performance even after several hours of riding. The performance of the Maverick X-DS 1000R also remains unaffected at high altitudes up to 5000ft. Many other side-by-sides in the market even have half the functionality at such elevated height. When the hours keep getting longer and the rough conditions keep demanding the utmost performance from the ATV, it’s much normal for any side-by-side engine to start heating up. The air-to-air type intercooler with an in-built fan lets the engine maintain its normal temperatures without the performance getting impacted even in the slightest.

 The advanced pistons were later on added in newer models that were critically designed for performing the low-pressure piston’s dedicated tasks in an enhanced procedure. In side-by-sides, if the fuel delivery remains intact at all times, the UTV functions with much stability in all its features. This maverick X-DS 1000R Turbo model from Can-Am has special injectors of superior capacity than make the fuel delivery efficient with the perfect mixture of air and fuel. 

The vehicle also holds an excellent throttle by wire system working electronically in adjustments with the patented throttle body from Bosch. This system ensures proper smooth delivery even when the rider’s foot doesn’t remain stable on the controls due to uneven surfaces. This intelligent control mechanism is designed by the world-class experts at Can-Am which provides mode options, one is Sport mode and the other one is Progressive mode. 

Can-am Maverick is usually known for its  agility , toughness and giving  powerful performance in the wicked wild tough outdoors . This crossover Utility Vehicle has been around from many years. It has been designed for trail adventures to give the rider and passenger the powerful thrilling ride with safety. 

This awesome UTV gives a boost of more than 40% torque and 10% more horsepower than its rival since it is geared with 121 HP Rotax 1000R turbo charged.

The Maverick X-DS 1000R Turbo even makes sure the driven comfort is maintained at all times. This UTV from Can-Am has a wheelbase of eighty-eight inches that lets the riders sit comfortably when taking on sharp corners and riding at fairly high speed. The rider can enjoy a smooth control on this side-by-side that is better realized when the minimal turning radius gets utilized for power changes and the vehicle turns. 


The Maverick 1000R X-Ds Turbo In Action. 
The Maverick 1000R X-DS Turbo in action.


CAN-AM MAVERICK 1000r Turo Specs

Can-Am Maverick is known for its robust and powerful UTVs.

The Rotax 1000-V twin engine

In general the UTV comes with an extremely powerful engine in its segment featuring – Rotax 1000-V twin engine. The horsepower for these UTVs ranges between 75 HP to 100 HP.

The Rotax Engine comes from an established Austrian company , BRP-Rotax, manufacturing the powersports products from the past 100 years. 

These Rotax 1000-V Twin engines are 4 stroke engines with CVT (Continuous Variable  Transmission) Gear. Its Performance and RPM are 74 kW / 7750 rpm.

Can-AM Maverick models have 2 types of throttling transmissions – Sports mode and Eco Mode. Sports mode gives full throttling capabilities while Eco mode offers upto 90% of the limit easing the engine.


Can-AM Maverick 1000r Turbos are 60 inches wide and around 149 inches in length. The height of Can-Am Maverick UTV is around 76 inches. Can-Am Maverick weigh’s around 750 kgs or 1697 lbs. 


Can-Am Maverick has Quick Response System (QRS) CVT. It get high airflow ventilation for better handling. It’s drive system is selectable for 2WD/4WD.


Wheels are from 12 inches. The ground clearance for Can-Am Maverick ranges from 12 inches to 16 inches depending on the models.The brakes are of Dual 220 mm ventilated disc brakes with hydraulic twin-piston callipers


Front Suspension of Can-AM Maverick 1000R are of Double A-arm with sway bar which has 11.5 inc. travel.Rear Suspensions are equipped with TTA with sway bar with 12 inc. travel.


Front & Rear Shocks are SHOWA 2.0 shocks

Who Makes Showa Shocks ?

SHOWA shocks are manufactured from Japanese Auto Parts manufacturing company Showa Corporation which is based in Gyoda, Japan. This company has been manufacturing automobile suspensions and other products since WW2. 


This Maverick UTV has disc brakes. These hydraulic disc brakes are with 220 rotors and dual piston callipers on four sides for each wheel. 


These Maverick UTVs have excellent storage capacity. It can host upto 300 lb capacity with added capacity of 2 inch receiver which can tow upto 1500 lb.

Extraordinary transfer of power throughout the Side-by-side 

The Continuous Variable Transmission of the Maverick X-DS 1000R Turbo was configured in a way that allows the turbocharged engine to facilitate a sudden rise in power. The pulleys which are present in this side-by-side also have been made advanced with the implementation of the Quick Response System that lets the pulleys function with enhanced efficiency. The continuous power transfer is more reliable and ideal due to the reduction in friction for the redesign of the turbocharging section. This lets the responses to power requirements be instantaneous and the belt clamping is totally optimised. The system in this Maverick X-DS 1000R Turbo is astonishingly balanced. The CVT transmission remains more powerful due to the constant inflow of cold air in coordination with the pulleys for advanced design outlets, inlets and proficient impellers.

This Can-Am Maverick is also equipped with advanced and unique Fox Podium 2.5 RC2 shocks. The shocks also have a bore of a huge diameter that lets the vehicle dampen external general vibrations more capably. The enhanced Fox Podium shocks keep functioning while maintaining low temperatures that do not allow quick or noticeable fading of the constant damping taking place on the rough trails. This side-by-side also holds a unique rear suspension system. The Torsional Trailing A-arms are highly innovative and are made by reducing the size of the conventional five-link suspension which has low scrub and smooth steer without bumps.

 The Maverick X-DS 1000R Turbo also ensures proper frictional contact with the ground with superior shock absorption. The TTA for the suspension system also lets the rider enjoy perfect wheel control even on difficult trails with distorted grounds. The suspension system reacts instantaneously to changes in trail ground type because of the compact design of TTA suspension and its low weight design.  There will be trails in which your Maverick X-DS Turbo 1000R will need more technical control for the hard-charging occurrence due to extremely uneven grounds, but this side-by-side would still be able to provide you with a smooth ride for its ground clearance of sixteen inches. 


The Interior Of Maverick.
The interior of Maverick.


The Top speed that can be achieved in a Can-Am Maverick X-DS 1000R Turbo

This side-by-side is very quick in comparison to most other UTVs in the market. Expert UTV riders have claimed that they had rarely seen a side-by-side like Maverick X-DS 1000R Turbo to have such tremendous speed and acceleration power. The vehicle has been tested on speed limiting surfaces like sand dunes and it has been found to showcase its speedy abilities on such grounds as well. The vehicle’s comfort and its smooth handling somehow complement the speed of the vehicle. The advanced clutch system lets side-by-sides instantly act on the slightest throttle from the rider. The rev range is witnessed to be higher in the Can-Am Maverick 1000R X-DS Turbo than in other models from the Can-Am brand. The limiter of the vehicle acts around 8300 rpm and it thus can be calculated that the top speed at which you can ride this side-by-side is going to be 78mph. Although this speed can be achieved only on a hard mostly smooth trail that offers good traction into the high clearance tires. 

How well does the Maverick X-DS 1000R Turbo work on Muddy Trails

For riding through difficult muddy terrains the side-by-side or ATV needs to have excellent power so that the vehicle doesn’t get stuck easily in the mud or can get released quickly from the constrictions. The high powered engine in the Maverick X-DS 1000R Turbo serves well in proving this power from the turbocharged four-valve engine. For aggressively powering through the mud and water the advanced clutch system helps in total acceleration control. 

The superior drive belt along with efficient air filters will let the side-by-side constantly have enhanced functionality. The unique front differential of Visco-Lok in coordination with the 4WD system lets power get well distributed for smooth trailing through muddy regions. The vehicle also has a reliable ground clearance of more than thirteen inches along with the special Beadlock wheels that help in riding through challenging trails

The X-DS implementation from Can-Am

The X-DS category side-by-sides have some innovative features which are quite indispensable when considering UTVs to buy. The wheelbase in these X-DS range vehicles is 3.7 inches longer than other conventional maverick models. The shocks from Fox are specific RC2 piggyback 2.5 reservoir models that let the vehicle have both low and high-speed compressions with efficient adjustability. On the X-DS model side-by-sides the suspension travel is found around fifteen inches in front and sixteen inches on the back which is more than other Can-Am model UTVs and other Mavericks as well. 

Only the fourteen inches beadlock kind wheels are used in the X-DS series of side-by-sides along with dedicated Maxxis Bighorn tires of twenty-eight inches size. The power steering in the X-DS series of side-by-sides has three different modes while the brake sizes for both front and rear have been upgraded. The other unique which are specially provided in the X-DS series models include front bumper rugged, seats of three-tone and also analog instruments. 

What is the price for CAN-AM MAVERICK 1000r ?

The price range for CAN-AM Maverick 1000R can be between 16,000 USD to 23,000 USD. There are various models, additional accessories that can be purchased at the time of buying the UTV. There are various financing options also available. 


What are the various models of CAN-AM Maverick 1000R ?

CAN-AM Maverick UTV in 2022 , comes with 6 models. 

Below table shows basic comparisons between each Model. 

Can-Am Maverick SportCan-Am Maverick Sport OpsCan-Am Maverick Sport X XCCan-Am Maverick Sport X MRCan-Am Maverick Sport X RCCan-Am Maverick Sport Max Ops
Spec sheet Spec Sheet
Basic Model with one colour variationComes with 2 colour variations Advanced UTVSuitable for extreme mud conditionsSutiable for Rocky terrains and mud conditionsFamily Friendly comes with 1 year warranty
75 Horse power Rotax 1000-V twin engine100 Horse power Rotax 1000-V twin engine100 Horse power Rotax 1000-V twin engine100 Horse power Rotax 1000-V twin engine100 Horse power Rotax 1000-V twin engine100 Horse power Rotax 1000-V twin engine
12 inch of ground clearance12 inch of ground clearance14 inch of ground clearance 15 inch of ground clearance 15 inch of ground clearance

64 inch wide 

12 inch of ground clearance

60 Inch Wide

Sport Eco mode

Equipped with full skid plate , mud guardEquipped with full skid plate , mud guardEquipped with full skid plate , mud guardEquipped with full skid plate , mud guardEquipped with full skid plate with rock sliders  , mud guard, front and rear suspension arm protectorsEquipped with full skid plate with rock sliders  , mud guard, front and rear suspension arm protectors
X graphics


X graphics


7.6 Digital Display with Keypad7.6 Digital Display with Keypad
LED SignatureLED Signature
Arched double A arm suspensions FOX 2.5 PODIUM shocks with QS3 compression adjustmentArched double A arm suspensions FOX 2.5 PODIUM shocks with QS3 compression adjustment


When looking for a side-by-side that has extra seats ride and has all the advanced features with extraordinary trail performance then not considering the Maverick 1000R X-DS Turbo can be a big mistake. Ofcourse you can consider similar vehicles from other brands but it’s highly doubtful that any side-by-side will be able to match all the state of the art features present in this UTV. The offroading market is more sensitive towards UTVs and more research is often required from the rider’s end in comparison to ATVs.

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