Top 10 ATV tires

Best ATV Tires – Top 10 ATV Tires Reviewed.

It’s hard to discuss off-road pleasure without mentioning ATVs. Even though they give fantastic drivability on nearly any terrain, including public roads, these vehicles are frequently not street legal (although certain types are). And, while they can be raced on the road without difficulty, they are still designed for off-road use.

What is the point of bringing this up in this article? ATV enthusiasts, on the other hand, do not apply slicks on their machines. They generally utilize genuine off-road or mud tires, or in some cases, all-terrain tires, in my experience. As a result, most of the tires on my list of best ATV tires should be able to handle some challenging terrain. Of course, on-road performance will be taken into account since safety is always the first concern.

I’ve curated  list of the best ATV tires below, which  in my opinion, will help you to select the best set of tires for your ATV. There are outstanding all-terrain and mud tires, as well as exceptional trail and snow tires.

After that, you may discover a buying guide to help you understand what to look for when buying ATV tires, as well as answers to some frequently asked questions.

Top 7 Best ATV Tires for Trail and Mud: Recommendations

ATV tires for trail and mud must be able combat and conquer off/road areas. You need them also strong especially because you’ll be using them in uneven terrain. Tires that have rigid casings can withstand sharp objects easily and can be carried in lower pressures. The market for atv tires for trail and mud  is now well stocked with many choices, many of which you probably have never heard of. In this list we will cover tire that are used on the trail that are better. That way everyone gets to find their favourite tire that works on both surfaces. In that section you will learn about our buying guide that will guide you through the basic rules involving the differences between different ATV types.

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Different types of ATV tires

All-purpose tires offer the compromise between smooth roads and strong traction to deal with a varied set of surface areas. When you plan to drive up rough or steep hills, bias tires may be the best option. Radical tires are suited for higher speeds on a flat surface or on the road. Sadly, these items will wear more quickly meaning requiring more regular replacements. The plus aspect is that the perforations is cheaper and easier to replace than rotary tire tires. Most durable wheels are the professional-style race or motocross wheels. Some producers concentrate on creating winter tires for ATV.

Below are the few areas that needs to be looked into before purchasing the tires.

Tire size

The size of the tire determines how effective it will work in the areas of horsepower handling, torque steering transmission und body. You do not want a little diametered tire.


You can only buy ATV tires which meet your budget requirements. These prices vary by purpose, size manufacturer, and quality of tires. You need a certain type of flexible tire that can suit your budget.


Bias rubber is more durable than radial tires because it’s puncture- and sidewall-resistant. The problem is that they wear out much faster and they lose a bit of force. They are a lot more popular in ATV markets than radials. They also are better at traction.


The best trails and mud terrain tires have aggressive appearances and long lugs with 1-to-2 inches of tread depth. The tire surfaces there are large spaces between the shims that clean them easily if any. The best mud trail tires can reach a muddy pit but require more low-power turns.


Snow tires of ATVs are combined trails and mud road tires. The first model involves shorter lugs like a Trail Tire and greater spacing like a Mud Tire. For the second model we have a dune tire pattern which is similar to a typical trail-mudded tire. It’s able to easily maneuver on snows.

Ply rating

The bigger the rims and the better it is in force the stronger and more rigid the tire makes it more resilient to nicks. For light trucks such as golf carts and lawn tractor two-ply tires are generally manufactured. Tires with six or eight plies can help carry higher loads, tackle uneven terrain.


Radials in the wheel on the tire of an ATV are positioned perpendicular to the midway point of the tread of or it is shaped on a cruise wheel. The plips run from bead to bead to the sidewall in each flange and above the tire on the tire. Other unique design includes a steel belt to enhance stability and reduce fatigue.


Racing tires are built using a flat profile for ease of use through medium to heavy ground. The tread design is special engineered according to a special condition of the trail. Using Racing Tires in Motocross racing can be conducted. The tires in this line have an added speciality and make using them easy for a rough surface.


The tread designs make a sense of feeling. With the proper traction you can easily travel through different lands without any risk of falling out of your vehicle or a 360 degree walk. ATV tires can provide the optimum traction keeping people on the track at all times. The tires are available in the most popular tire sizes and lengths in the World ATVs and starting at $99.99.

Top 10 Tires for your ATV

1.ITP Mud Lite II

The ITP Mud Lite II is currently the most OK ATV tire for a mix of road and mud driving. In other words, if you’re unsure where you’ll be using your ATV the most in the coming months, the ITP Mud Lite II is your best choice. You will not be dissatisfied with this tire.

The nicest thing about this tire is that it is not too costly despite its exceptional hardness and longevity. The tire has a 6-ply rating, which should be sufficient for even the most aggressive drivers.

But, first and foremost, let’s talk about trails since that’s where this tire shines. We discovered that the Mud Lite II delivers outstanding response on hard-packed terrain and good durability at higher speeds throughout our testing.

ITP Mud Lite II All-Terrain ATV Radial Tire - 25x10-12


The Mud Lite II continues to improve on rough terrain, providing outstanding traction and toughness. The angled and deep lugs are great for driving on wet roads and gravel, but they’re also great for mud.

Sure, there are better mud tires out there, but none compare to the Mud Lite II’s trial prowess. In addition, unlike all-terrain tires, ITP’s jewel has a revised tread pattern for improved mud cleanout, which is beneficial in difficult circumstances.

Finally, we were pleasantly pleased by how well the Mud Lite II handled road driving; the ride is pleasant, and the grip is enough for everyday driving.


  • Exceptional performance on a muddy trail
  • Can be used on grass and damp gravel
  • Excellent mud performance
  • Can be used on the street
  • Tough and long-lasting


  • Not recommended for deep mud.

2.ATV Carlisle All Trail

On hard-packed terrains, such as a construction site, this model delivers unrivaled traction. This tire may also be used on forest paths but avoid sand or soft terrain.

I enjoy how comfortable it is for the rider – you won’t have any trouble riding for long hours on rough trails, such as jagged rock terrain, using the Carlisle All Trail. Despite this, the low and broad profile reduces soft wallowing when driven hard, which is something that even most tires in this category struggle with.

Carlisle All Trail II ATV Tire - 24X10.50-10

Wherever you utilize the Carlisle All Trail ATV, durability should not be an issue. It’s a 4-ply tire, which implies it’s not as tough as 6-ply tires. It is easier to puncture. However, for the vast majority of ATV owners, the difference is insignificant. The rubber used in the manufacture of this tire is also intended for extended tread life so that you can anticipate thousands of miles of worry-free driving with it.

Despite this, the pricing is higher than that of the majority of the competitors on this list. To spend that much cash with something that isn’t an all-arounder, such as the ITP Mud Lite, you have to appreciate its features genuinely. Nonetheless, it is in a class of its own for users seeking the most precise, stable, and comfortable performance on rugged terrain.


  • The Carlisle All Trail ATV’s outstanding drivability on rough roads is due to its finely grooved tread design. I found it susceptible to driver inputs in those situations, with superb accuracy in tight turns and high levels of grip and traction. In other words, this tire shines when it comes to quick and athletic riding.


  • The Carlisle All Trail ATV is also one of the most outstanding tires on the road. It has above-average handling responsiveness and stability, as well as excellent grip, even when driven aggressively. If you’re looking for a comparison, it’s far superior to the ITP Mud Lite under such situations. On the other side, the mud-terrain capability is compromised here. While it can handle damp terrain with ease, it struggles in really wet conditions, mainly mud.


3.Kenda Bearclaw Tires

Once again, you can buy a 4-pack of tires at a great deal. They’re also 6-play rated, indicating they’ll last just as long as those described previously. The aggressive tread on these ATV tires is one of their best features. It’s made with sharp knobs to assist it to sink deeper into the ground and offer as much traction as possible. They have some of adequate traction available, and they can be used in both snow and mud. While they perform admirably in these challenging terrains, they also perform admirably on a smoother surface, making them an excellent all-terrain alternative!

Kenda Bear Claw EX 25x8-12 F 25x10-12 R ATV 6 PLY Tires Bearclaw - 4 Pack SetThe durability has already been discussed, but it shows through when you see how these tires are made of. The components have been selected with care to resist any snags or tears that may arise. This significantly reduces the possibility of tire scratches, enabling you to get more endurance out of your tires. It’s unusual to use these Bearclaw tires for more than ten years before experiencing your first puncture!

Despite this, the Kenda has a reasonable price for the extra snow performance it provides, and it’s one of the most enduring ATV tires available. Unfortunately, it does not come in as many sizes as its competitors.


  • The slanted knobs of the Kenda Bearclaw K299 give outstanding grip in nearly every off-road situation, while the central lugs provide surprisingly accurate steering control. The aggressive tread pattern excels in extreme conditions like mud and sand, while the rubber composition optimized for freezing temperatures offers the necessary traction in the snow. This is among the few tires on this listing that can enable safe and enjoyable handling in thick snow. Just remember to bring some warm clothing.


  • Despite the outstanding off-road performance, the on-road driving is still superb, if not flawless. The Carlisle All Trail and the ITP Mud Lite performed considerably better on the road in my tests. Highway riding isn’t its strong suit, though; the Kenda Bearclaw K299 isn’t even rated for it, so bear that in mind. There are also no tiny lugs to aid on challenging routes, such as rocks. This tire is designed for mild roads, not for long rides through the woods or across rocky deserts.


4. Wanda ATV Tires

When looking to buy ATV tires, it’s vital to think about how long the product will last. I highlighted this in the previous article since it means you’ll receive more bang for your buck. One of the best aspects of the Wanda ATV tires is that they have one of the most extended lifespans in the industry. This is primarily due to the tread design, which is considerably deeper than nearly every direct rival on the market. In a nutshell, you have a larger target audience when driving on all sorts of terrain. It protects the tires from abrasions and maintains them in good shape for as long as possible.

Set of 2 New WANDA ATV/UTV Tires 25x8-12 /6PR P373 - 10243 …

It has an angular shape that helps provide a ‘cleaning motion’ when you use them when it comes to the tread. This essentially implies you won’t have to worry about mud or muck accumulating in the deep gaps, which is frequently the cause of traction loss. It’s an ingenious design that allows you to ride on ordinary pavement, rough roads, cross-country, dirt, sand, and snow with ease.


  • Excellent traction in the woods
  • Excellent mud, rock, and soil handling
  • Superior shoulder lugs protect the sidewall and rim.
  • Abrasion and puncture resistance is provided by the six-ply design.


  • They don’t come with a guarantee from the manufacturer.
  • You’ll need help installing these tires.


5.SunF A033 “Power I”

Mud isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but ATV riders consider it one of the most acceptable ways to test their vehicles’ skills.

While the manufacturer claims that this tire may be used on any terrain, I think it’s ideal for soft and wet conditions like sand or mud.

Set of 2 SunF A033 Power.I AT 22x10-12 ATV UTV Off-Road Tires All-Terrain, 6 Ply Tubeless

SunF made this tire out of high-quality rubber that is both robust and long-lasting. It can also survive “racing conditions,” as they claim, and this is something I can attest to. Ride these tires hard, and they’ll never let you down. That is unless you plan on using these tires on challenging terrain. They aren’t awful by any stretch of the imagination; in fact, they are very acceptable.

When you consider the price, these comments become less harsh – the SunF A033 “Power I” is among the most affordable ATV tires available.

It’s also available in various sizes 22-inch to 30-inch for automobiles, including ATVs, UTVs, SxSs, Go Karts, Golf Carts, and Lawn Mowers.

The tire’s durability is still quite good, and owners are pleased with how long it lasts. You may use this tire in the most challenging situations without fear of puncture, thanks to the bias-ply construction and 6-ply rating.



  • When you first glance at the SunF A033 “Power I,” this is immediately apparent. The directed knobby tread pattern provides great mud grip and can also self-clean. Even if the entire tire is immersed, the aggressive shoulder blocks will bite into the sticky material. The rim and sidewall are additionally protected by this design.


  • If you don’t drive your ATV on the mud, there are many better options available. Although most riders will find it adequate, using it on the road is not a superb option. In any event, the SunF A033 “Power I” is not intended for highway use, and I strongly warn against driving for long periods with it.


6.Carlisle HD Field Trax

If there was an award for the finest ATV tire on the marketplace, I’d pick this one.

The Carlisle HD Field Trax will sparkle when mounted on a beautifully built contemporary ATV, but is it only for show or does it function well?

After all, this is a Carlisle product, and this firm makes some of the greatest possible tires for ATV and UTV vehicles in my experience.

Sure, the HD Field Trax is a little more expensive than most rivals, but you do receive a highly robust tire that will not only last you a long time but is also resistant to puncture.

Carlisle HD Field Trax ATV Tire - 25X13-9

The most excellent part about this tire is that it never stops partying. The HD Field Trax wants to take care of everything – you only have to worry about driving. It’s made of a mixed track surface with self-cleaning capabilities and rubber materials that resist cut, chips, and abrasions. And when I say anything, I mean comfort – unlike some other hard-trail tires, lengthy stretches on tough roads are not taxing on your hands or buttocks.




  • One of this tire’s primary advantages is its durability. You can anticipate using it for a longer period than nearly any other tire on the marketplace, which helps offset the somewhat higher cost. This tire is available in six sizes for ATVs, UTVs, side by sides, and fun carts from Carlisle, however, some ATV riders may not be able to locate the correct size for their rims. That’s unfortunate, considering the HD Field Trax is now one of the finest tires available.


  • The Carlisle HD Field Trax is a hard-trail and transitional tire, first and foremost. This means it’s not the most fantastic choice for mud or sand activities, as seen by the tread pattern’s tight packing. On firm terrain, this tire makes up for its shortcomings on soft ones.


7.Sedona Mud Rebel

The most common sort of surface for ATV fans is mud-terrain, which is why I’ve included a second set of mud-terrain tires on our list.

By now, I’m sure it’s apparent that the Sedona Mud Rebel will give good traction in mud and sand, but it’s how this tire performs in such circumstances that really stands out. Even when things become a little slick, the handling is quite precise, with excellent steering control. The low weight also helps here, providing the rider more power at their fingers. In a nutshell, this is a tire that can be raced on any given day.

Sedona Mud Rebel 6 Ply 25-10.00-12 ATV Tire

Durability is also a significant advantage in this case. The Mud Rebel is a 6-ply rated bag, which means it can take much punishment. Sedona even claims that the greater sidewall strength helps with impact absorption and that it was developed expressly with that in mind. Puncture resistance is also present. ATV riders have also reported great tread life with the Mud Rebel, which would be the icing on the cake.

Finally, while the price may be a little more than some other mud-terrain rivals, you get exactly what you paid for – outstanding performance and renowned longevity.





  • The Sedona Mud Rebel is designed for mud-terrain driving at its most severe.
  • With a pair of these tires, you can take on the most challenging circumstances while remaining in complete control. The directed tread pattern is not only attractive, but it also sucks up dirt. The specially created pattern can also clean itself, so all you have to worry about is your riding style.


  • Despite its many accolades for mud-terrain performance, the Mud Rebel isn’t the ideal choice for hard-packed ground, though I wouldn’t call it terrible. The road is where it suffers the most, but you’d expect that from a dedicated mud tire. It’s noisy, doesn’t have many grips, and your ATV’s performance will suffer as a result.


8.Interco Swamp Lite

The aggressive ATV tire from Interco is the perfect choice for riders who are just concerned with driving performance. The Swamp Lite will give you exceptional grip and drivability that rivals were racing tires everywhere you go.

It’s a sheer delight to drive quickly on different terrain with a set of these tires. The Swamp Lite is incredibly responsive during fast riding because of its improved V-forward track surface with vertical center lugs. The sturdy structure helps to the mix’s high-speed stability.

When it comes to terrain, the Swamp Lite is up to the challenge. On hard-packed and even particular intermediate terrain, the tire performs admirably. The Swamp Lite thrives in light mud as well, offering excellent rider traction.

INTERCO Swamp Lite ATV Tire (27x12-12)

Deep muck, on the other hand, is a more significant issue for the tire. It’s usable, but we don’t advocate pushing it too far because you could get trapped. On the plus side, the street ride is relatively smooth and secure.

Finally, the Swamp Lite is renowned for faster wear when driven on tough surfaces, something its competitors have addressed in their most recent tires.





  • Excellent trail performance on a variety of terrain
  • Excellent traction in mild mud.
  • Extremely good snow traction.
  • Tough and long-lastingCons:


  • This isn’t the greatest solution if you’re dealing with much mud
  • Increased wear on hard-packed surfaces


9.EFX MotoClaw Radial

The tread pattern of EFX’s MotoClaw ATV tire is unlike anything on the road. A brief glance at the tread reveals that the MotoClaw is intended to function in both hard-packed and muddy conditions.

EFX designed the lugs as robust as possible to make all of this feasible. This is critical in a tire designed to be used on moderate and hard surfaces like rocks, mud, and gravel.

EFX MotoClaw A/T Radial Tire (Front/Rear / 32x10-14)

This also implies that the tire is susceptible; you didn’t have to wait for the lugs to flex and grab the road. Everything occurs in a flash here.

The EFX MotoClaw is much fun to operate on the trail because of all of this. The tire offers sufficient grip and traction for a safe ride and the responsiveness necessary to provide great steering feel to the driver.

Furthermore, the MotoClaw is handy in the mud. It won’t dethrone any true mud tire in deep mud, but light mud shouldn’t be an issue for this tire.

The MotoClaw may also be used on the street, where the ride is quite smooth.

The MotoClaw, like other EFX tires, is highly robust and durable, and it should last a long time.

That being said, this is currently one of the most costly ATV tires available.





  • Extremely good trail drivability
  • Excellent mud performance
  • Street riding is smooth.


  • Expensive


10.Kenda Executioner

Because of its unique mix of great traction, quick handling, and remarkable toughness and longevity, the Kenda Executioner is now one of the best ATV mud tires on the market.

The Kenda Executioner is a specialist mud tire designed for riders who want to have a good time on the most difficult terrain. This is a tire that can handle mild mud, get its lugs filthy in deep muck, and even provide enough traction in the mud with water puddles.

Kenda K538 Executioner ATV Bias Tire - 25x8.00-12

Wide, angled lugs with a hole within prove to be the ideal design for mud driving. The traction you’ll get from these tires is unrivaled – simply twist the lever to propel the ATV ahead.

The Executioner can also be used on other surfaces. Thanks to the strengthened knobs that can function at lower pressures, driving on sand is feasible. On hard-packed and moderate surfaces, the same knobs are robust enough to give adequate stability.

The Executioner, like other Kenda tires, is exceptionally durable, with a 6-ply rating and puncture-resistant covering.

The only area where the Kenda falls short is on-road performance, where the ride is a little rough.





  • Excellent traction in deep muck
  • Stable and responsive on uneven surfaces
  • Excellent trail driving traction and grip


  • On-road performance might be improved.


Will a deeper tread improve grip in ice and snow?

These include three main features which impact on friction on snow and ice. The tread has the right design, sturdy treads and sufficient tread depth. When preparing tires for a trip during winter these need additional depth as this compressing is released by the snow as they go about walking. If there is not too much deep the snow does not get to be treated each tire shift. It will therefore reduce mobility and traction in snow. Special winter tires have deeper tread depths than the normal counterparts. Some of them even offer wear indicator that show that the depths are adequate for winter cyclopeding. While it wouldn’t really be shown what tire is.

How do I choose the right size?

It is advisable to replace the tires of the ATV with models the same width and height that you would. ATV manufacturers have researched and carefully tested to ensure that the tires are of right sizes to the gearing engine power etc. Riding on tire that a smaller one puts too much pressure on several of your parts including engines, transmissions and axles. Too larger a tire can result in overheating and the engine has to work harder to spin more effectively. And that too is likewise true for tires that are too wide. All the more so in terms of roll of ATVs.

Tell me the difference between a regular tire and a mud tire?

Mud tire size is larger and needs more mid-range torque to effectively break through mud. The lugs are spread out much further out than usual trail wheels. While this tread pattern and lugs may work well in the mud, this tire will be rough if you take these on hard surfaces. Also he’ll be less likely about how he treats things. If your tires have tail lugs like these they are usually only meant for working within mud and only for vehicle used in mud. It can therefore clear the tires by ripping back the mud. So it can be done to keep our tires cleaner.

Purpose of the ATV Tire

Some terrain requires special types of tire on a ATV. You cannot leave tires for the deserts on dirty ground. Next time you are out buying tires look for the following characteristics of tires you should expect in different landscapes: Tires designed in the desert in a muddy area do not exceed your expectations. You can likewise find out if your terrain has features you might want.

When do I need to replace my ATV tires?

Check tires for cracked lugs. You might have to put them back if you’ve lost the sharp edges in it and it’s rounded too. They ought to be replaced as well if they have more than two of holes to repair.

Can ATV tires be patched?

You can patch an ATV tire but this may prove quite heavy when in nature. Another good option is tubeless tire plugger. It works much faster and makes the operation easier. Most of the kits that exist online do what advertised.

Types of ATV tires

It offers many different tires for ATV vehicles. Some say they can achieve everything, while others offer certain specific promises. The most recognized types of ATV tire are found.

Do I need to replace all four ATV tires at once?

If possible, change the tires with one of them for optimal traction under muddy terrain. It should be very safe to wear for both of their performance as well as protection in their feet.

Other things to consider when choosing a set of ATV tires

I hope once you learned the basics of ATV tires, I think it’s time for you to start spending some money for a new set up. For more confidence to come consider other factors in your selection.


We are confident that the tires on this list will give you years of dependable service and a safe ride. To get as much out of your tires, always choose them depending on your riding requirements and style. To put it differently, mud tires are useless if you can only travel on hard-packed roads.

Also, be sure a specialist installed the tires you choose and that the tires are strong enough to withstand the enormous forces created when driving in challenging conditions.