River Run ATV Park in Jacksonville, Texas (Total Guide)

River Run Atv Park
River Run ATV Park, Jacksonville, Texas

When looking for the best place to hang out with your ATV gang in Jacksonville, Texas, visiting the River Run ATV Park would be ideal. This gorgeous ATV park is situated on the gorgeous Neches River in the west region of Jacksonville.

This stunning ATV park is packed with multiple activities to perform with your best mates and even stay for multiple nights. Many people often crave a camping experience where they don’t need to worry about the wild obligations that come with traditional camping.

How Many Acres Is River Run ATV Park?

How Many Acres Is River Run Atv Park?

Before deciding which Park to visit, ATV riders often wonder if the River Run ATV Park would be huge or not.

Well, they need to know the River Run ATV park runs across 2000 acres which is private land of the River Run authorities. The River Run ATV park holds immense opportunities for ATV riding with great freedom and excellent fishing opportunities.

The premium camping experience that people have at River Run ATV park remains memorable to them for a lifetime. The prime features that make camping extraordinary are:

  • More than 155 RV sites have reliable water hookups and power connection facilities.
  • An RV Dump Station of 4 Bay dimension with specialized areas for tent camping without power and water to immerse into the wild experience nature has to offer.
  • There are 40 premium cabins present at the River Run ATV Park to be booked and enjoyed by the visitors.

The Cabins are available among four categories based on the features and amenities they are equipped with. The most popular Cabin type has exactly nine replications, and they are sure to provide an extraordinary premium feel.

These Cabins have a stove, microwave, HVAC unit, one twin bed, three full beds, refrigerator, small grill, and sink. The second category, Cabin, is available in the count of 12, which varies mostly on the bed configuration.

These Cabins have a small grill, refrigerator, HVAC unit, microwave, sink, four twin beds, and two full beds. Then comes the Cabins that are 6 in the count and are smaller in comparison to the ones just mentioned.

These cabins have everything like the other ones; just the sinks are not present. The cabins also have fewer beds, two twin beds and one full bed.

These three categories of cabins do not have attached showers and restrooms, but just near the cabins, shower houses are present along with a fine-as-hell restroom.

If you need cabins with attached bathrooms, don’t sweat just now, the River Run authorities have built 13 new cabins with attached Bathrooms. The cabin bathroom also includes a stunning sink, toilet, and shower.

The other features in these 13 best cabins are the same as other ones. The bed configuration in these 13 cabins is available in three twin beds and two full beds.

Attractive Features of The River Run Park

Attractive Features Of The River Run Park
American flag waving at River Run ATV Park, Jacksonville, Texas

The paramount aspect of this River Run ATV Park is the gorgeous Neches River that allows visitors of the park to have a great swim in the water or just relax on the river banks and edges with dipped feet.

Fishing opportunities do not come very often, and in this ATV park, you can legally fish without any trouble or imposter anxiety.

As the River Run park is over 2000 yards, ATV riding can be carried out on different types of trails without any sign of feeling bored.

But as per Texas Law, you are not allowed to ride an ATV on the Neches River, and you just need to keep this in mind while having the best time. The trails in the park often take you through the Neches river bottom and the wild nature that are sure to provoke ecstatic vibes.

Trails also lead to the oil field roads that provide every user with an ATV rider experience of multiple surroundings and ground structures.

Besides ATVs, you can also ride golf carts, bicycles, trucks, UTVs, and even horses on the trails of River Run ATV Park. There are multiple kinds of trail types, including rocky mountain regions, extremely muddy trails, dry soil trails, and natural river edge trails.

A super convenience store is present inside the River Run ATV park, which makes staying at the place for a few days much easier.

The store has soft drink stocks like coca-cola and Proline wader from the exclusive ProSport Outdoors, and even apparel of dedicated river run is easily available in this store.

Ride comfortably and confidently in the River Run ATV Park trails because this onsite store even has vital ATV and UTV spare parts. The store has a solid name; you can spot it as “Rocks Pit Stop.”

The River Run ATV Park hosts spectacular annual events that attract a great crowd and lets everyone receive a unique, never-before experience at the park.

At the minimum average, you can expect 6 distinct events to be hosted in the River Run park with several activities and entertainment facilities. This park has a dedicated River Run Pavillion where multiple entertaining events take place to relax and enjoy the atmosphere.

The other common events include ATV racing and treasure hunting together with Fishing. When an event occurs, the park gets multiple vendor makeshift stalls to serve you relishing food and apparel.

The events occur at weekends, so you can plan the arrival and stay much earlier without the stress of taking leave permission at work.

River Run ATV Park Maps

River Run Atv Park Map
River Run ATV Park Map in Jacksonville, Texas

How to Prepare For Visiting the River Run ATV Park

You should book with the River Run ATV Park’s official website and have your ATV gear ready.

River Run ATV Park Information and FAQs

River Run ATV Park Pricing

  • YEAR PASS – $250.00 per person. It covers normal park campground admission fees and using your ATV/UTV or Mud Truck. Year Passes DO NOT cover Event Pricing.
  • Kids 10 and under are free entry into the campground.
  • Dry camping is $15 per visit. Dry camping is considered to use your RV when parking in the designated RV Primitive Campground spots/area.
  • Tent Camping will be at no extra charge; this is included in your Campground Admission fee.
  • Cabin Rental and RV spots with power and water DO NOT include the Campground Admission fees.
  • On NON-EVENT weekends in the Campground Admission fee, a $5.00 per person surcharge is automatically added for the use of any Off-road vehicle on any portion of the property and throughout the trail system. This is a fee charged whether you are the operator, or a passenger, of an Off-road vehicle. This $5.00 surcharge covers a single-day visit or an entire weekend.
  • Weekends labeled as Event Weekends will have an “EVENT CAMPGROUND ADMISSION FEE,” $65 per person. A $15 per person surcharge is included in the Event Campground admission fee to cover the use of our Park Trail System and Attendance to any Event Activities.
  • Cancellations must be made before 48 hours of your arrival. Check-in time is 12:00 pm, so cancellations would have to be made 48 hours before this Noon check-in time.
  • Check-in time is 12:00 pm (Noon) on the day of your reservation. Check-out time is 11:00 am, the last day of your reservation.
  • If your RV spot / Cabin is available and you wish to check in before Noon, you can do so by paying an extra day of the rental fee.
  • Suppose you are under 18 years of age. In that case, you MUST be accompanied by a parent / legal guardian (Documentation Required) or have a Park Waiver signed and NOTARIZED by a parent or legal guardian.

Campground Admission Fees in River Run ATV Park for Adults and Kids

Single Day Use ONLYAdult$20.00
Single Day Use ONLYKids (11-17)$15.00
Thursday Weekend RateAdult$45.00
Thursday Weekend RateKids (11-17)$35.00
Friday Weekend RateAdult$40.00
Friday Weekend RateKids (11-17)$25.00
Saturday Weekend RateAdult$30.00
Saturday Weekend RateKids (11-17)$15.00

Sand Lot Cabin Rentals in River Run ATV Park

Regular$150.00 per night. (Plus Tax)
Event$625.00 (Plus Tax) – This price covers the entire event (NOTE: This price is for the cabin only, this price DOES NOT include your entry fee.)
  • Cabin Virtual Tours
  • A 6% tax will be added to each cabin rental per night. The tax rate will be added one time for events.
  • Cabins 14 to 23 sleep 7, including 2 Double Beds and 3 Single Beds. (Bedding is NOT Included).
  • Cabins 24 to 26 sleep 8, including 3 Double Beds and 2 Bunk Beds. (Bedding is NOT Included).
  • All cabins have BBQ pits, stoves, microwaves, and refrigerators.
  • All cabins have a bathroom with a sink, toilet, and shower.

Shady Pines Cabin Rentals in River Run ATV Park

Regular$125.00 per night. (Plus Tax)
Event$500.00 (Plus Tax) – This price covers the entire event (NOTE: This price is for the cabin only, this price DOES NOT include your entry fee.)
  • Cabin Virtual Tours
  • A 6% tax will be added to each cabin rental per night. The tax rate will be added one time for events.
  • Cabins 1-9 sleep 7 and includes 3 Double Beds and 1 Single Bed. (Bedding is NOT Included)
  • Cabins A-L sleeps 8, including 2 Double Beds and 4 Sigle Bunk Beds. (Bedding is NOT Included)
  • All cabins have grills. Cabins 1-9 have stoves.

Small Cabin Rentals in River Run ATV Park

Regular$70.00 per night. (Plus Tax)
Event$275.00 (Plus Tax) – This price covers the entire event (NOTE: This price is for the cabin only, this price DOES NOT include your entry fee.)
  • A 6% tax will be added to each cabin rental per night. The tax rate will be added one time for events.
  • Sleeps 4: 1 Double Bed and 2 Twin size mattresses set up as a bunk bed.
  • Small Refrigerator and Microwave.
  • No stove available
  • All cabins have BBQ grills.

RV Site Rentals in River Run ATV Park

Regular$30 per night.
Event$150.00 – This price covers the entire event (NOTE: This price is for the RV site only, this price DOES NOT include your entry fee.)

Primitive RV Spots Behind Pavilion (EVENTS) in River Run ATV Park

$30 per spot for Events (Covers RV Dry Camping Fee)

  • Primitive RV Spots mean you “DO NOT” have power/water available.
  • RV sites include water and electric hookups.
  • No Long-Term Reservations Available.
  • Shady Pines/Helipad spots have both 30amp and 50amp electrical service
  • Sand Lot spots have only 50amp service at this time.

Rules in River Run ATV Park

  • You must be 18 or older to sign a waiver to enter the park/campground.
  • If you are under 18, you MUST be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian or have a waiver signed and NOTARIZED by a parent or legal guardian.
  • Everyone except children 10 and under will wear a wristband to validate proper check-in procedures and receipt that you paid the Campground Admission fees to enter the private property of River Run ATV Park.
  • Alcoholic Beverages are allowed in the park but should not be consumed while operating a motorized vehicle. By signing the waiver, you agree to not drink in excess! Inappropriate behavior due to excessive drinking will result in the removal from the property!
  • Speed Limit is 5-10 MPH on the main road, around the office, store, pavilion, cabins, and ALL camping areas. It is recommended not to exceed 25 mph at River Run ATV Park!
  • NO GLASS BOTTLES OF ANY KIND allowed anywhere in the Park/Campground area!!!
  • NO Firearms or Fireworks are allowed on premises!!!
  • NO ATV or any other type of Vehicle allowed in the river!! (TEXAS PENAL CODE SB 155)
  • NO washing ATVs in camping areas. Please wash at the Wash Bay!
  • NO parking in the RV area unless you have paid for a spot!
  • Please keep the park clean! Place trash in barrels or dumpsters! (You packed it in, Please pack it back out)
  • NO spinouts or (Donuts) are allowed at “ANY LOCATION” on River Run ATV Park property. If caught, it may result in removal from the property!
  • NO fires except at your campsite! Put them out before leaving!
  • Noise must be kept down by the Office and Camping area. Quiet time is 11:00 pm.
  • DO NOT cross fences, gates, cattle guards, or the river!
  • All riders/passengers are recommended to follow all manufacturer safety rules posted on your All-Terrain vehicle or as stated by the ATV Safety Institute.

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