How to Find Kawasaki ATV VIN Decoder

Kawasaki is one of the oldest and most trusted manufacturers in the world today and especially when it comes to ATV’s. They have diversified and benefitted immensely from their foray into the motorcycle, ATVs, watercraft, and other utility vehicles. Even though this company is one of theoldest, the reason why they are still trusted today is that they have kept themselves up-to-date with the latest trends and have consistently innovated their technology in their manufacturing lines.

Like all other ATVs, Kawasaki is too distinguished by a unique Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). When it comes to Kawasaki, you can locate the VIN on the steering head or on the safety
certification label, which is usually around the steering wheel or on it.

Find Kawasaki ATV VIN Decoder Number 

How to find Kawasaki ATV VIN Decoder

If you are looking for the year of manufacture when it comes to the Kawasaki model, then you once have found the VIN, go to the 10 th digit and this is your year indicator. This number will any number between 1 to 9 OR A through Y (barring I, O, Q and U).
For Kawasaki models, the years started with 1971 denoted by the number "1" and then went all the way through 1979 until they reached 1980 and here is when they were represented by the alphabet "A" and then went back to "1" in 2001 and then once again, "A" in 2010. For example- if your bike was made in 1994, they will see  registration number that says “R”.

There are a few benefits from knowing your Kawasaki VIN Number and perhaps, the biggest benefit is when you are looking for Kawasaki on your sale ads. You are entitled to ask for the VIN photo, decipher it and then on the basis of that, make an informed purchase. Even if you are going to ashowroom and buying a new bike, do not hesitate to ask for the VIN code, as this is how you will find out if you are buying the bike from this year or previous editions.
There are a few other benefits to this:

  • You can find out the type of engine and the type of the fuel that is being used.
  • The difference between the model year and the year of manufacture. (there is a difference
    between the two)
  • You can also find out the style and make of the bike, the color of the bike, and the materials
    that are used in its manufacture.
  • You can also keep the secret digit code handy (this will prevent any data loss from the code)

The Kawasaki Vin Decoder will take a few seconds to decipher the code and give you authentic information about the bike. If you want to test this out, you can also change a few figures at the end. If you are to do that, you are definitely going to be told that it is a wrong entry that you have made and will instead give you information about another model. This is important to understand because, in the VIN decoder, every single character will make a difference.

Knowing the VIN code will also make the servicing process fairly easier because the VIN code is your access pass to buying only genuine material for repair. You can use the VIN code as many times as you want because this service is completely free. If there are different characters that could have characters like ZZZ or SSS, then that means this bike was not produced for the American market.

Let us look at some of the samples VIN(vehicle identification number) for Kawasaki

  • JKAEREH11HDA05764 — 2017 Kawasaki Z650 EX650HH (649 ccs), Motorcycle – Sport
  • JKAEXEE11CDA05038 — 2012 Kawasaki Ninja 650 EX650EF (649 cc), Motorcycle – Sport


Find Kawasaki ATV VIN Decoder Number 

So, as you can see, there are several reasons for producing the VIN and for learning how to decode the VIN. You must emphasize on this when you are making your purchase, whether it is a new-hand purchase or a second-hand purchase, as this is going to ensure that you are getting exactly what you are paying for. This is especially something you should care about when it comes to online sales. If you are getting a bike without the VIN registration number, it would be advisable to not go in for that purchase.

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