How To Start Honda ATV Without A Key

If you are probably looking for ways to start your honda ATV without using the actual key then you might have lost the key already. Not being able to find the key to your all-terrain vehicle can be quite intimidating. If it happens to you in a desolate trail in you also might feel lots of negative emotions.


Many people always ride in a group and if that’s the case with you then at least you can get immediate moral support along with extra pair of eyes searching for your key among the rocks or the sand. This has occurred many times that the rider couldn’t find the ATV key even after hours of intensive searching. But there remains more than a single way to get your ATV started even without the application of the key.


Knowing and learning the techniques of starting your honda ATV without the key comes very useful in cumbersome situations and doesn’t allow panic to settle in. Not only for yourself but you can also help out a fellow rider who might be stuck in a scary trail even after sunset. There is a lot to know about an all-terrain vehicle except knowing to ride it and the knowledge about the components inside makes you understand the vehicle better.


Not every trick of starting the ATV without the key might be applicable for your honda model but knowing at least three of them will let you start the ATV by bypassing or reconnection. Although you might visit a mechanic later on still the self-applying trick would be enough to get out the trail or set off into a crucial off-road plan with your buddies.

A Honda Atv In The Woods Where The Atv Key Can Get Easily Lost.
A honda atv in the woods where the atv key can get easily lost.


Using a wrench to cross the relay starter or solenoid

In this process, you need to first open up the engine space and find the solenoid near and the engine and also the starter relay. Specifically, you need to check the battery portion near the wire gatherings in there you will find the solenoid. The solenoids do have varying shapes and sizes but most honda ATVs have a specific circular shape.


The round-shaped solenoid will have around four wires among which two wires will be thinner and two will be much large. The solenoid has the purpose of controlling the low ampere and high ampere loads. Some ATVs also have a solenoid with only three wires. The single smaller wire is present when the ground is being taken from the frame. The solenoid sometimes can also be present in a rubber and plastic cover but mostly in honda ATVs, it’s on the outside.


Now the main work you need to get done is with the two big wires stretching out from the solenoid and leaving the smaller wire as it is. Cut these wires open one by one and then use a wrench to jump among these wires. Use black tape for insulation at the winding spots mainly. Keep the wrench connected and then the atv will start which you can ride to your home or even to the garage for better repair of the ignition switch.


Removing the ignition for manual starting

This atv starting process takes place by removing the ignition switch. So after you apply this technique you should be able to replace the old ignition or would require a new ignition switch to be installed in the honda atv.


This process involves bypassing the ignition switch and following the sparking up to get the honda atv started the same way the key would have. The process in detail to manual starting as follows:

  • When you remove the front atv protector and check the ignition you will be able to witness the cylinder-like ignition which can be departed into two different pieces.


  • You need to take off the lower part of the cylinder which you will find to remain connected to the cable stretching to the engine of your honda ATV.


  • If you check inside the other part of the cylinder which remained you will find a part with metal connectors attached. You need to remove this part out of the ignition. Take the help of screwdrivers if you do need to loosen it out of the cylinder.


  • Study the metal connector piece you just removed and tally it with the other connectors present in the other part of the engine and determine the exact connections between the metal connectors.


  • After lining up the metal connectors you can start the ATV even with the key. Leave the connections in the exact position and try not to let them start to die out. Replace the front cover of the ATV and ride out to a safe spot.
An Ignition Switch Of A Honda Atv Is Covered In The Wire Section.
An ignition switch of a honda atv is covered in the wire section.


The hack with a screwdriver and long scissor use

Many riders are not comfortable with their hands over the honda ATV engine and fear they would get the engine connections and other essential components like the solenoid or the crankshaft completely damaged and not get their ATV started at all. Most riders have a screwdriver or a pair of long scissors with their ATVs.


This tool can definitely help you to get the honda ATV started if you are stuck in a barren trail and have got no other way to start the atv except using a tough hack. This technique is only advised if you are not able to apply any other trick or it has failed to work out. Otherwise,e this trick should be treated as the last option because it can get the ignition switch totally damaged.


If you are not able to find the key in your home while the ATV still stands in the garage it is best to use any other trick or call the mechanic. First, remove any object from the ignition switch surface if you had already put then in the exact position of the ignition switch opening put it in the screwdriver with great force.


Just after it touches the bottom or reaches the maximum extent swing the screwdriver in the exact direction you would have rotated the key. Your honda ATV should start after this. If you are using long scissors instead do the same process with just one hand of the scissor. When using scissors be extra careful and don’t get yourself cut.




Losing the key to your honda atv can lead to loads of anxiety if you had removed it from the ignition port in the middle of woods or dunes and cannot find it anywhere. Often experts suggest not to remove your ATV key from the port or keep an extra pair of keys somewhere in the ATV deck or your pockets.


There are ways in which you can get your ATV started even without the key. But executing the process in the middle of a barren trail for the first time can be very difficult. The user should apply the trick once or twice back at home while the key is still there so that they can execute it well in an isolated terrain with minimum light. The solenoid trick is considered one of the easiest ones among all the tricks present in the ATV world.


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