Paiute Trail in Marysvale, Utah For Riding ATVs(Full Guide)

Paiute Trail In Marysvale, Utah For Riding Atvs(Full Guide)

The Paiute ATV trail is one of the top-rated trail systems in the US and is a MUST-ride for all Utah ATV enthusiasts.

Paiute Trail Trail Description

The Paiute Trail System is a comprehensive trail system that connects central Utah towns. Fillmore, Richfield, Salina, Beaver, Marysville, Joseph, Kanosh, Meadow, and many more. Riders can travel into these towns on designated streets to purchase fuel and supplies or find a hotel.

The Marysvale section of the Paiute trail is one of the most popular. Many riders use the city of Marysvale as their base camp as the trail runs around the small town.

You can take the trail west out of Marysvale and follow Beaver Creek Canyon until it joins the main trail, or you can head east and cross the Sevier River until you enter the main trail.

ATVs are even allowed on designated streets within town boundaries.

There are also several places to stay in Marysvale, including hotels and campsites. The town has restaurants and ATV rental and parts shops.

Because the Paiute Trail System has so many miles of trails and points of origination, we’ve broken the Paiute Trail into the following sections:

• Circleville
• Koosharem
• Fillmore
• Kanosh
• Beaver
• Marysvale
• Richfield
• Salina

There are over 2000 miles of interconnected trails with great views.

Many trails and roads are marked with appropriate signs, but some are not.

It is highly recommended that riders take trail maps and GPS units with them as they ride. It’s also recommended that riders know what sections they would like to ride before going out.

A large portion of this trail system is accessible by truck, but some difficult double-track sections of trail experienced riders should only tackle.

We are gathering more trail information specific to the major towns associated with the Paiute Trail.

Information About Paiute Trail, Marysvale, Utah

Paiute Trail In Marysvale, Utah For Riding Atvs(Full Guide)
  • Marysvale, UT
  • Region:  CentralTrailhead
  • Location:  Marysvale, Utah, on Highway 89
  • Trailhead GPS:  38°26’57.97″N 112°13’49.17″W (This marks the Center of Marysvale)
  • Trail Mileage:  ~2000+/- for the entire Paiute trail system
  • Riding Difficulty:  Mostly moderate, some easy, some difficult
  • Temperature Range:  30-90 Depending on Season
  • Elevation High: 11300 at the summit
  • Elevation Low: 5860 in MarysvaleTerrain: Jeep and ATV width trails
  • Vegetation: Aspen, Pines, Sage, Cedar, Pinyon, Juniper, etc
  • Best Travel Season: Summer
  • FallMap Availability: Online (, Marysvale, REI, Richfield Ranger DistrictBreakfast
  • Joint: MarysvaleBase
  • Camp: MarysvaleLuxury
  • Lodge: Marysvale

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