American Fork Canyon ATV Trails

American Fork Canyon Utv Trails

Where is American Fork Utah ATV Trails Located ?

Region:  Northern

Trailhead Location:  About 9 miles up American Fork Canyon

Trailhead GPS:  40°28’58.87″N 111°38’41.95″W

Trail Mileage:  30 Miles +/-

Riding Difficulty:  Moderate to Difficult

Temperature Range:  65F – 85F


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How much does it cost to get into American Fork Canyon ATV Trails ?

American Fork Canyon is evergreen trail in Utah. Due to its heavy popularity various recreational and cultural resources are impacted. It is estimated that in one year around a million visitors visit American Fork Canyon. Hence to maintain the canyon there is an entrance fee which is collected at the entrance of the park. This fee is subject to only visitors who wants to visit the place and do camping or indulge in other adventurous activities. Any visitors passing by State Road 92 which connects the  canyon are not subject to this entrance fees , if they are not going to visit and just pass through. 

The cost for the American Fork Canyon for 1 to 3 days is 6 USD. 

The cost for the American Fork Canyon for 7 days is 12 USD. 

Annual Pass for visiting American Fork Canyon is 45 USD. 

Further information on the canyon can be obtained from this site.

American Fork Canyon Directions and American Fork Canyon Ohv Trail Map

American Fork Canyon offers a system of different rides with over 30 miles of ATV trails and american fork canyon jeep trails. It’s a great place to get out and explore and has some great destinations such as Mineral Basin, Silver Lake, Old Mines and Cabins, and some great views. Most of the trails are moderate, but you can find difficult trails that will challenge good riders. Once you arrive at Tibble Fork (click here for Google Map directions to Tibble Fork) you will head east on the dirt road just outside of the parking lot. Along that trail you will see signs directing you to Mineral Basin. The trails (click here for Google Map from Mineral Basin to Tibble Fork)

Map to Western Moto

Please review our Terms and Conditions before riding this trail.

Additional Trail Information

Elevation High: 9000

Elevation Low: 5000

Terrain: Mountain, River Rock

Vegetation: Pine, Aspen

Best Travel Season: Late Spring – Fall

Map Availability: At the fee station as you enter the canyon

Breakfast Joint: American Fork

Base Camp: American Fork Canyon

Luxury Lodge: American Fork


10 fun things to do in American Fork Canyon

If you are not in a mood to ride your quad and are in American Fork Canyon for recreational time, you can enjoy the following activities:
  1. Hiking and toruign the Temp Cave
  2. Hiking at Mount Timpanogos
  3. Kayaking at Tibble Fork Reservoir
  4. Mountain Biking
  5. Driving the Jeeps
  6. ATV riding
  7. Camping
  8. Picnic 
  9. Rock Climbing
  10. Fishing at Tibble Fork Reservoir

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