Cheat Guide on Where to find Honda ATV Vin Decoder ?

Where to find Honda ATV Vin Decoder ?

Honda ATVs have a VIN that can be traced right back to the vehicle’s year of manufacture and in many cases, right up till the point that it can be traced back to the production line year and date. If you are looking for information related to the type of vehicle, the engine style and make, the year of manufacture, you are easily going to be able to do so, after locating the VIN on the vehicle.

The VIN is a series of 17 characters/digits that come with a check digit that defines its authenticity and ensures that there is no vehicle identification fraud, a phenomenon that is increasing in the US alone.


Find Honda ATV VIN Decoder Number 

If you are looking to find the VIN on your Honda ATV, you are going to want to look at the frame near the bottom. As mentioned before, this is a 17-digit number. Let us look at the distribution of these characters and how you can understand them better. The first 3 digits are generally meant for the World Manufacturer’s number. The World Manufacturer Number is the ISO-certified and compatible Manufacturer Code that is embedded along with the rest of the VIN Number.

The first digit is what denotes the country of origin. If the original or the first number is 1, then that means it was manufactured in the US. In another example- if it contains the character ‘J’, then that means that it was manufactured for and in Japan.

In this case, the second digit is going to symbolize the manufacturer, Honda, with an H. The following digit is going to be vehicle type (Snowmobile, All-Terrain Vehicle, etc). This will be symbolized by a 3 or a 5, depending on the type of vehicle. It could also have an M, for example, which would symbolize the motorcycle division.

The next 5 characters on your Honda vehicle are going to be assembled as a group and they symbolize the Vehicle Description Section in addition to representing the details of the series, the manufacture details, the model type, the engine make and style, and so on.

The ninth digit is the check digit that we have spoken about earlier. This digit is supposed to be treated as a lone number. It has been specifically designed to protect against any kind of vehicle identification fraud and this is the number that can be traced back to the manufacturer, in the case of Honda. It is important for you to identify and locate this number, as this is perhaps one of the most important digits, representing the authenticity of your vehicle.The 10th digit in this case is representative of the year of manufacture.

Ever since 2000, it has been a number and before 2000, it was represented by a character or a letter. if you look at a model such as the 1997 or the 1998 version, it is going to have a W as a symbol.

The 11th digit is what represents the plant where your vehicle was birthed. This is an important number, just to give you a few specific examples- if you look at the letter A, that represents Honda’s Ohio factory, E is the factory in Spain, K is the Japanese factory and 4 is the South Carolina manufacturing plant.This one is the last, we promise. The last 6 digits are what are going to define the production sequence of the vehicle that will be unique to the model that you are going to purchase. This is as important as any of the other characters because this is how you will know if your vehicle was called away from the production line, in case of an accident or if there has been a product recall before your time of purchase.


Find Honda ATV VIN Decoder Number 


We hope that this information was useful and that you were able to understand the sequence and the meaning behind the sequence of the characters on your ATV. It is important to understand its significance and knowing the relevance of each character/symbol is very necessary.


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