How To Start Yamaha ATV Without A Key

How To Start My Yamaha ATV Without A Key

Losing the key of your off-road vehicle can lead to a complicated scenario. If it happens in the middle of a mostly empty trail then it will not only get you anxious but lead to frustration too. Many people think losing a key is an extremely rare thing and it will never happen in their case. But it’s more common than you think.

If you actually lose a key in the dark woods or rocky terrain finding it back would be very difficult. After dark, you won’t have sufficient light systems with you to search for a tiny key in between the rock cracks or the forest surface. If you love to ride on dunes it is always advised to not take the key out of the vehicle at all.

Trouble scenes

Losing an ATV key in the middle of dunes poses very minimum chances of retrieving it. If you don’t know the tricks to get your ATV started no matter it’s of Yamaha, Suzuki or any other brand then you might have to spend the night in the cold trail with lacking resources and broken confidence. The tricks and techniques which will be mentioned here are quite universal for all ATVs. So you will be able to use them in hard times and get out the difficult trails even if you lose the key.

This ‘losing atv key’ scenario can also happen while you are still at home packing for camping in the wild trail or going for an amazing ride with your friends. Then you will feel extremely angry if you can’t go out with your ATV just because you can’t find the ATV key. Not finding the key also leads to a lot of time wastage as many times even after hours the ATV key cannot be found.

The kickstart mechanism and pullup technique

Most of the modern ATVs have a pull-up system that works as a backup. You need to have the ATV manual with you or access it online to use this technique. Otherwise, you can also keep it on your phone or download it as it will help you further for getting your Yamaha atv started. The basic steps which you can carry out without the help of the manual are as follows:

  • With light force first, you need to take off the front cover of the ATV especially you need to reach the space where the capacitor discharge ignition is present along with the other electrical circuitry.
  • Then you need to locate the ignition switch mostly wire a three-wire cable attachment present in your Yamaha ATV engine. The ignition switch needs to be disconnected from the actual engine connection. You can also take out the ignition switch itself if you want and then close the front cover just as it was.
  • Then you need to pull-start your ATV or kick start it based on the functionality present in your Yamaha ATV or other models. Use the lever with the required force and release it. You atv should start up without the key in this format.

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The wire fusing process

This is a stereotype wire bypassing technique that can be used to start your yamaha atv even without the key. The ignition switch needs to be side swapped through the wires by making the circuit much open and setting out minute sparks for getting the ATV started. The process of wire bypassing are as follows:

  • First lookout for the biggest two wires which flow out of the ignition switch. The voltage wire will be mostly in red which is responsible for carrying twelve volts of direct current. When you check the outside of the main fuse for output wires you can confirm if it’s read or not. After you cut this wire then you need to look for the other big wire.
  • At the capacitor circuitry connection check for the colour of the wire on the kill switch directly on the harness of wiring. This wire you need to cut will be present as either the bottom wire or the middle wire present on the green portion of the capacitor connector. The wire will be present in black colour with distinct white stripes. Cut this wire and you will be done with the dissecting of wires.
  • Then you also need to disconnect the ground and tape off the ends of the wires you cut as if you let them loose and hanging it can short together with connections.
  • After that when you start the Yamaha ATV or any other ATV and move to a secure position do not forget to disconnect the black and red wire you connected for starting the engine. Otherwise, your battery would die out.

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The solenoid trick and circuit jumping

For the solenoid, the trick removes the front cover of your ATV and find the solenoid device present near the engine. Then you need to find the wire that directly goes to the Yamaha ATV battery from the solenoid. You need to cut this solenoid wire and then find the red wire that stretches out from the battery. Then the cut wires need to joint together which means the solenoid wire and the voltage red wire of the battery. After joining them the ATV should be able to start.

The circuit jumping process would require you to follow these instructions:

  • In your ATV engine area find the lamp or instrument cluster’s topmost portion. In most Yamaha ATVs you will be able to find this cluster attached with the help of three screws.
  • The key switch assembly needs to be removed along with the instrument cluster. There will also be electrical connections that you need to remove with remains attached to the switch.
  • After finding the red wire which has a twelve-volt voltage you need to cut and hook this wire up with the neighbouring terminal. A jumper needs to be installed from the opposite end to the cluster which has the twelve-volt wire. This is when the Yamaha ATV should start without using the key.


Knowing the tricks for starting your Yamaha ATV without a key is essential. This saves you from a lot of trouble and anxiety. In here you should have learned more than one technique to get the ATV started if difficult times when you had lost the ATV. There is much to learn about ATVs other than just riding and the knowledge comes useful in emergencies very well. You can try the techniques of starting your Yamaha ATV without the key in a safe space for trying your skills and being an expert in it.

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