Fins and Things(Moab, UT)

Fins and Things(Moab, UT)

Region:  Moab

 Trailhead Location:  Sand Flats Road about two miles east of Moab

 Trailhead GPS:  38°34’56.30″N 109°30’35.49″W

Trail Mileage:  12 Miles +/-

 Riding Difficulty:  Moderate to Difficult (3.5 on Moab’s 4 point rating scale)

 Temperature Range:  40-100°F Depending on Season

Elevation High: 4800

 Elevation Low: 4600

 Terrain: Sand, Rocks, and a whole lot of Slickrock (Sandstone)

 Vegetation: Sagebrush, Junipers

 Best Travel Season: Spring and Fall

 Base Camp: Several Campsites along Sand Flats Road

 Check the map here.

Fins And Things(Moab, Ut)

  1. A glimpse of the Fins and Things trail region.


Trail description

This is officially rated moderate and is available to ride throughout the year. The trail numbers 15.8 km in length and has some amazing viewpoints to offer. This trail is often termed as a one-way trail due to the lack of width in the regions. On these sand flat roads OHVs are permitted to be taken.

The trail is quite difficult and experts do recommend this Fins and Things trail only to experienced riders. The popular slick rocks can be found in this trail of sandstones. As the Fins and Things trail is located in sand flats recreation area the trail would be much troubling. More than once you have to face climbs that are steep and deep sand is also present.


The slick rocks can be loose in some places so the rider needs to abide by basic trail riding safety at all times. But it is not just the difficulty and trouble this fins and things trail offers. You will be able to witness the gorgeous view of the LaSal Mountains. The trail is not that big in terms of distance but you wouldn’t be able to go fast as the road wouldn’t allow it.


The region towards the south of Sand Flat Roads can be used in the daytime only and that is strictly maintained by the trail governance. The trail has been marked with several dinosaur symbols and stripes that will provide a pre-historic feeling to the riders. Experts and officials repeatedly have stated for all riders to be extra careful and not take any paths out of the recommended and marked ones.

Fins And Things(Moab, Ut)

  1. A couple of riders carefully experiencing the Flat and Things trail.


The scenic views

In here the fins are indicated to the Navajo slick rocks towards the northeast region and the things are indicated to the remains of the structures after erosion. In terms of geographical specification, this trail covers most of the east region of Hell’s Revenge trail and the rest lies between the north part of mill creek canyon and the negro bill canyon.


The Navajo mounds at first will be found wonderful by every rider along with the fins. But the deep canyon system of negro bill is exceptionally beautiful. The red mesa rims of the La Sal Mountains towards the end will give you an extraordinary scenic experience if there is snow present as well. If you want to experience a carnival roller coaster with your ride then this trail will be successful in providing you with that experience.


Directions to the trail:

You need to turn on 300 south on Moab city’s U.S highway 191. Then take 300 South to 400 eastwards and take the right turn into 400 east which will take you into mill creek drive. Keep going east towards the sand flats road. You will soon find the finds and things trail starting points.

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