Where to find your Yamaha ATV VIN Decoder ?

The VIN identification number is not a new phenomenon. It is something that has been happening since the 1980s, where manufacturers used this number to identify and distinguish between each other. However, this was borne from a lot of fraud and theft cases that were reported, which is why most manufacturers did not have a lot of time to implement this. Below article explains on where to find your Yamaha ATV Vin decoder . If you buy a bike belonging to that era, then Yamaha may ask you to add a few more characters to your identification number.

However, if you pick up a bike that belongs to the later assembly line, in the more recent versions, you will find the 17-digit VIN identification number.

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Where is Yamaha ATV VIN ?

Find Yamaha ATV VIN Decoder Number 

In the case of Yamaha, the VIN number usually starts with the letters JYA, which is going to indicates that the manufacturers are from Japan. Y stands for Yamaha and A is what determines the type of vehicle. These are the standard 3-characters that you will see with the Yamaha manufacturer. If you see any other letters, especially if you are using a second-hand bike, then use the VIN code decoder to check whether this is an authentic bike or not.

If you are buying a bike and the owner of that bike or a dealership gives you a different year than the one mentioned on the VIN decoder, then there is no reason to suggest that the bike is inauthentic. The year in the code mentions the model year of the vehicle, not the year when it was manufactured.

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How to find the Yamaha VIN Location

The VIN Code is usually engraved on a metal frame on the non-removable parts of the vehicle. If you see any part of this code being scratched or in a different location, then our recommendation would be to not buy the vehicle, irrespective of the price. There are three main places where you can find the Yamaha VIN Code:

  • The right side of the head pipe or the steering tube. Here, you can easily see shorter models for the bikes that are produced before the year 1982 and the 17-digit codes for the bikes produced after that.
  • The left side of the steering tube can also be used as a potential location for the VIN, on Yamaha vehicles, you will also find a printed card with some other important information. If you are looking to find the authenticity of your bike, you will need only the Yamaha VIN Code and nothing else.

The last place that you need to look for the Yamaha VIN is on the case motor. This is usually located close to the clutch cover, close to the motor. There are specific Yamaha models that have their VIN on the left to right, while there are some that are placed from front to back. If you get your VIN decoded from an original VIN decoder, then you don’t have to worry about the location. It will decipher it from anywhere.

Yamaha VIN

The information that you can get from the Yamaha VIN Decoder is:

  • The accident history of your Yamaha vehicle. This is important because it would be dangerous if your bike has been in a prior accident and you don’t have any knowledge about it.
  • There is something called Odometer readings. These odometer readings essentially define how many miles your vehicle has gone through, before coming to you. You can accurately compare the data from the odometer reading.
  • Sometimes the manufacturer has called back the vehicle, for any kind of defect, whether big or small, you must know about this vehicle recall.
  • At the time of repossession, you should check whether there is any previous liability, which can sometimes become your burden to bear.
  • The theft and recovery record part of the report will let you know if the bike has been stolen in the past.
  • The vehicle specifications will also be mentioned in this VIN report. If the vehicle specs that you generate are different from what you see, then it gives you a chance to ask the why’s and the how’s.

Find Yamaha ATV VIN Decoder Number 

Final thoughts 

It is imperative for you to ensure that your VIN is properly examined. As mentioned above in this article, it is going to ensure that you know all the details and specifications of your bike, where it has been manufactured, and most importantly, if it has been in an accident or been stolen in the past. The VIN is your one-stop solution for checking for all these problems and ensuring that you remain on top of them.  

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