Strawberry Mountains ATV Trails System

Strawberry Mountains Trail system

Strawberry Mountains ATV Trails – Strawberry Reservoir (Utah)  Region:  Northern Trail head Location:  Strawberry Reservoir (about 30 miles east of Heber City) Trailhead GPS:  40°14’40.37″N 111° 9’25.87″W Trail Mileage:  50 Miles +/- Riding Difficulty:  Mostly Easy, some more difficult if you’re looking for it Temperature Range:  30-90 Depending on Season Trail Description The Strawberry Mountains Trail system also known as Currant … Read more

Kamas | UT | Lilly Lake and Murdock Basin

Kamas (Bear River Lodge), UT Region:  Northern Trailhead Location:  On State Road-150 or the “Mirror Lake Highway” in the high Uintas Trailhead GPS:  40°40’40.03″N 110°57’9.15″W Trail Mileage:  40 Miles +/- Riding Difficulty:  Mostly easy, some difficultTemperature Range:  40-85 depending on season Trail Description Located in the high Uintas is the Lilly lake or Murdock Basin ATV trail system (not to be confused … Read more

Kamas | UT | Taylor Fork and Cedar Hollow

Kamas, UT Region:  Northern Trailhead Location:  7 miles east of Kamas on Mirror Lake Highway (SR-150) Trailhead GPS:  40°37’19.84″N 111° 8’45.97″W Trail Mileage:  40 Miles +/- Riding Difficulty:  Moderate with some difficult areas Temperature Range:  40-90 depending on season Trail Description ATV riders can access this trail system from either the Mirror Lake Highway side (SR-150 from Kamas) or the Cedar Hollow … Read more

Lehi | Utah | Five mile Pass Trail System

15 miles west of Lehi on Utah/Tooele County Boarder Highway 73, UT Region:  Northern Trailhead Location:  Approximtely 15 miles west of Lehi Trail Mileage:  50 miles +/- Riding Difficulty:  Caters to all rider experience Temperature Range:  0 – 100+ Depending on season Trail Description Five Mile Pass has numerous atv trails to ride and is great place for winter atv riding … Read more

Saratoga Springs|Israel Canyon Road

Saratoga Springs, UT Region:  Northern Trailhead Location:  Enter through the Stillwater development Trailhead GPS:  NA Trail Mileage:  6 miles Riding Difficulty:  Easy Temperature Range:  60 early spring – 80 Summer Trail Description Israel Canyon in Saratoga Springs is a great trail to for exploring. It is also great for a quick jaunt up the mountain with the kids. It will take you … Read more

Oakley | UT | Smith & Morehouse Trail System

Oakley , UT Region:  Northern Trailhead Location:  Just past Smith and Morehouse Reservoir and Ledgefork CG Trailhead GPS:  40° 44’26.29” N 111° 06’03.50” W Trail Mileage:  20 Miles +/- Riding Difficulty:  Moderate Temperature Range:  30-90°F Depending on Season Trail Description Located about an hour away from Salt Lake City is the beautiful Smith and Morehouse ATV Trail. This trail is sometimes called … Read more

Salt Lake City | UT | Big Cottonwood Canyon/Mineral Fork

Big Cottonwood Canyon, Salt Lake City , UT Region:  Northern Trailhead Location:  6 Miles up Big Cottonwood Canyon Trailhead GPS:  40°38’11.45″N 111°41’54.71″W Trail Mileage:  7 Miles +/- Riding Difficulty:  Moderate to Difficult Temperature Range:  40 – 90 Degrees F Trail Description The Mineral Fork trail is the only ATV accessible trail located in the Cottonwood Canyons and is only minutes away from … Read more

American Fork Canyon ATV Trails

American Fork Canyon

American Fork Canyon OHV Trails Where is American Fork Utah ATV Trails Located ? Region:  Northern Trailhead Location:  About 9 miles up American Fork Canyon Trailhead GPS:  40°28’58.87″N 111°38’41.95″W Trail Mileage:  30 Miles +/- Riding Difficulty:  Moderate to Difficult     Temperature Range:  65F – 85F Canyon Nature trail – American Fork Canyon Trails American Fork Canyon trail is a pavement … Read more