White Wash Sand Dunes ATV Trails

White Wash Sand dunes(Moab, UT)

Region:  Moab

 Trailhead Location:  About 32 Miles NW of Moab and about 15 Miles South of Green River

 Trailhead GPS:  38°48’20.31″N 110° 2’52.60″W

 Trail Mileage:  Miles of open riding areas

 Riding Difficulty:  Ranges from easy to difficult

 Temperature Range:  30-100+ Depending on Season

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White Wash Sand Dunes Atv Trails

  1. ATV riders going through the sandy area of the whitewash trail.



Trail Description

The whitewash sand dunes are open most of the year except winter. The trail is popular for camping and the areas are very beautiful. The whole trail is mostly made of sandstones and dusty sand dunes which offers a unique type of trail riding experience.


This whitewash sand dunes trail is located towards the northwest of the Moab with a distance of forty-eight miles. This trail offers excellent OHV playing opportunities as some areas are fenced. In the outskirts of these trails, you will find private properties and livestock grazing about, be sure to not interfere with either of them.


The trail length is much shorter than other trails of Moab and so this area can be covered mostly in less than three hours. This trail is mostly ridden by campers and families as well. Be sure to take along a portable toilet and lots of drinking water. The trail leads along a large river that goes towards the slick rocks.


The Slickrock region of the whitewash sand dunes is popular for riding thrill and there are brian’s trail and mary’s trail nearby. This whitewash sand dunes trail provides the rider with slick rocks, single and double tracks, and awesome sand dunes. The east side of the slick rock area provides the connection of several sand trails and rock trails which is often called the ten miles.


When riding the sand dunes portion the rider needs to be very careful with the controls for the downward slopes. Staying off the edges is also the correct decision to make. The south region dunes of this trail are much unique for having numerous cottonwood trees. A lot of film scenes have been shot in the previous years in this cottonwood tree area. After this region, you will also find several inside trail options to choose from.


There will be open areas for carefree riding, technical single tracks, and also ledges to go upwards and downwards like a roller coaster. There will be oil production facilities nearby and ranches of which you should just enjoy the view and not interfere or trespass.


There might be gates along the main trail at some points, the best thing is to leave the gates just as found, in the same position. The extra routes in these whitewash dunes are always marked with white paint which you should follow. Bighorn sheep are also found here grazing, so just observe them and cherish the versatility of this whitewash dunes trail.

White Wash Sand Dunes Atv Trails

  1. A rider experiencing a downward slope on a whitewash sanddunes trail.


Direction and further details

First, you need to ride for thirteen miles towards the east of the green river right on Interstate 70. Then after taking a ranch exit 173 to the south you will find the floy wash road. From Interstate 70 you need to keep riding for 12 miles in the southwest direction. Then after completing 12 miles you have to take the east road. After a few miles, you will find the oil production facilities and private property. Soon you will find the sand dunes in the vision where you will also find the parking spots around you.



Details of the trail


Elevation High: 4500

Elevation Low: 4100

Terrain: Sand and Slickrock

Vegetation: Not much out here

Best Travel Season: Spring and Fall

Map Availability: Moab Visitors Center or Green River

Breakfast Joint: Green River or Moab

Base Camp: Several campsites near the trailhead

Luxury Lodge: Moab

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