Saratoga Springs|Israel Canyon Road

Saratoga Springs, UT

Region:  Northern

Trailhead Location:  Enter through the Stillwater development

Trailhead GPS:  NA

Trail Mileage:  6 miles

Riding Difficulty:  Easy

Temperature Range:  60 early spring – 80 Summer

Trail Description

Israel Canyon in Saratoga Springs is a great trail to for exploring. It is also great for a quick jaunt up the mountain with the kids. It will take you to a trail system that spans from Saratoga Springs Utah, south to Eureka, and Northwest to 5mile Pass. It is also very close to the civilized world so you can plan a quick lunch in Saratoga Springs and be back to the trail in no time. Don’t let the description fool you though, the terrain can turn very steep very quickly so beware. Stick to the main trail if you are a novice.

Additional Trail Information

Elevation High: 6000 ft

Elevation Low: 4100

Terrain: Mountain

Vegetation: Scrub Oak

Best Travel Season: Late Spring Early Fall

Map Availability:

Breakfast Joint: Lehi – One Man Band, IHOP, Denny’s.

Base Camp: Lehi has motels right on Main street exit, also Thanksgiving Point Exit

Luxury Lodge: Provo Marriot

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