Moab Rim(Moab,UT)

Moab Rim(Moab,UT)

Region:  Moab

Trailhead Location:  West of town 2.8 miles from Mcdonalds, stay left at the fork in the road

Trail Mileage:  Out and back around 8 miles

Riding Difficulty:  Very Difficult (Rated 4+ on Moab’s 4 point rating scale)

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A Jeep Making A Descent Through The Moab Rim.
A jeep making a descent through the Moab rim.

Trail Description

The Moab Rim is an out and back trail that stretches around twelve km and is accessible throughout the year. This Moab rim is rated difficult by every trail website and provides a very wild off-road experience. As the trail carries around the rim there are some amazing scenic views to catch. The initial area of the road hosts bedrocks that have formed into ledges naturally.

The regions after the initial area host a great combination of rocks and sand. You will find slick rocks, sandy dirt, and fragments of rocks combined. Most of the obstacles of the Moab rim trail you will find within the first miles. In the rim sometimes you will face tight turns and the rocks might also trouble with the tire friction. On one of the sub trails, you will find Indian ruins and rock art which are very unique and elegant.


On the journey, the first formidable obstacle you will find is the devil’s crack. This obstacle would require great control from your side as the turn towards the ledge is tricky. If you don’t show patience one of the wheel might fall into the crack. After crossing this you will soon face the obstacle which is called the z-turn.

As the name suggests here you will have to face two steep turns over irregular rock formations which will be quite thrilling for any rider. Lastly, you will also face a Slickrock dome structure with an optional climb. A ride with great ground clearance and large tires is much required with a locking system. The starting of the trail is where the fun starts because of the rock layers which are escalating and edgy.

A Couple Of Jeeps In The Initial Region Of The Moab Rim Trail.
A couple of jeeps in the initial region of the Moab rim trail.

The scenery and further details

As you ride along for a mile or two you will witness the gorgeous view of the colorado river like you had never seen from any other spot. The rim provides you with an excellent view of the mountain and valleys to mesmerize you totally. The Moab rim trail is very difficult to ride through but experienced riders have often claimed for the ride to be worth it.

You will be able to check on the La Sal mountains and also the arches national park from the rim. The Spanish valleys and the other Moab valleys are also beautiful to watch from the rim viewpoints. On the other side of the rim, you will also find rock domes standing in a majestic way along with fins which are also quite spectacular. The stream of the river is also quite peaceful and soulful if you like the natural rhythms of rivers.

Terrain: sandstone, sand, and gravel

Elevation high: 1491m

Elevation low: 1220 m



Length:6.6 miles

Trail type: point to point

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