Kamas | UT | Lilly Lake and Murdock Basin

Kamas (Bear River Lodge), UT

Region:  Northern

Trailhead Location:  On State Road-150 or the “Mirror Lake Highway” in the high Uintas

Trailhead GPS:  40°40’40.03″N 110°57’9.15″W

Trail Mileage:  40 Miles +/-

Riding Difficulty:  Mostly easy, some difficultTemperature Range:  40-85 depending on season

Trail Description

Located in the high Uintas is the Lilly lake or Murdock Basin ATV trail system (not to be confused with Lily Lake or Wolverine Trail System). This is a perfect place to take the family camping for the weekend and get in some great ATV riding. This area is well marked from the Highway and there a plenty of improved camp sites. A permit is required in this area and you will be stopped at the ranger station to pick it up. Most noticeable about this area is the number of lakes and streams. Many avid fishermen love to ride this trail with a fishing pole attached to their ATV and stop by the small lake for a few casts.

Trail difficulty depends on what you’re looking for and riders can keep it as simple as graded dirt roads or more challenging ATV width trails with some steep climbs. Because of the elevation, this area is only accessible for a few months of the year (Summer and Early Fall). There are also some great hikes in the area if you’re willing to get off the machine. Keep a good rain jacket handy as this area can turn to a downpour in a matter of a few minutes.

Additional Trail Information

Elevation High: 10000+

Elevation Low: 8800

Terrain: Ranges from graded dirt roads to rocky ATV trails

Vegetation: High Uinta Pines and aspen

Best Travel Season: Mid Summer to Early FallMap

Availability: REI or Bear River Lodge

Breakfast Joint: Bear River Lodge or Kamas

Base Camp: Plenty of Great Camping along Mirror Lake Highway

Luxury Lodge: Bear River Lodge

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