Chicken Corners OHV , ATV Trails in Moab, Utah

Chicken Corners OHV , ATV Trails  in Moab, Utah



Trailhead GPS for Chicken Corners OHV Trails38°31'57.83"N 109°36'0.81"W
Trailhead Location for Chicken Corners ATV Trailsclick on here to check the map.
Trail Mileage at Chicken Corners ATV Trails9 miles +/- one way
Riding Difficulty at Chicken Corners ATV TrailsEasy - 1 on Moab 4 point scale
Temperature Range at Chicken Corners Trails30-100 Depending on Season
Actual riding Length66.9 km

Elevation gain1,376 m
Elevation high4700
Elevation low3900
Route typeOut & back

Average time3 hours
TerrainFairly well maintained for jeep travel


Chicken Corners OHV Trail description

The chicken corner trailer of Utah is wilder than it would seem in pictures and hosts gorgeous birds and flowers of the wild river lands. According to officials the best time to ride on this trail is from March to October. If you have a lovely dog back at the house then you can bring him or her along in this wild landscape.

How did Chicken Corners got its name ?

Chicken Corners got its name from the short but insurmountable hike which takes place behind a ledge overtaking the Colorado River. We started the trail from the Hurrah Pass but there is also a place to go down Lockhart Basin. You have to have a pair walking the narrow ledge that makes it very obvious we went to that! You can also go to finish your hike on Hurrah Pass.

But only bring along if the dog loves the off-road expeditions just like you. This trail is rather lean than other common low ground ones, so this trail being 4×4 stretches along the colorado river canyon then takes a part of Kane springs canyon too. Then the trail reaches hurrah pass through the road of Kane creek. Then the trail rejoins the river canyon being about four hundred feet above the water stream.

You should know that this trail mostly comprises red dirt and sand grounds. Although the road starts from a gravel portion it ends quickly and is not be found till the end of the trail which is direct across the river from the dead horse point precisely. You will find bedrocks of sandstone occasionally.

If you are from a greenery-induced flourishing land then this trail experience will be quite outstanding to you. The trail will provide a historic vibe with the ancient rock art in the roadsides and red dirt everywhere. The dryness of the region would be quite different from the sand dunes and would provide a sense of freedom. Near the red rock mound, you will find caves made from the natural process of erosion on sandstones.

For Google Map Directions to the trailhead from Center St and Main in Moab please click here.

Please review our Terms and Conditions before riding this trail and always remember to Tread Lightly.


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Directions to Chicken Corners Trail

You need to travel towards the south from the main or center streets in Moab and travel for about 0.6 miles. After that, you will have to take a right turn on Kane Creek road. You need to stay on this road following two steep curves after the junction with 500 west street. Then maintain your course on the river canyon.


The ultimate thrill at Chicken Corners ATV Trails

When you take your ATV down this red dust trail you will know why the name has been given like that. You will find some internal lean trails which are very slim and can be only made by walking. Some people who love to take the extra mile will park their ride and walk this actual ‘chicken trail’. 

Going further down the main trail you will experience roads with strong curves in good number but they are all well-graded and wide enough. After traveling quite a lot you will find a cliffhanger trail that is very unique in structure and is good to explore a little on foot as well.

When you reach near the hurray pass you will find scenic views around the canyon which would be prettier than the rest of the trail scenes. Along the whole journey, you will find several rivers to look at and enjoy the riverside experience.


Trail Scenery and Surface of Chicken Corners

Chicken Corners is a trail which has stunning views of the wonderful Utah landscape around Moab. The trail will get you from the steep and narrow Kane Springs Canyon to Hurrah Pass. The route winds along alternating sandstone layers and breathtaking coves where you marvel at views over the rocky landscapes while dreading the. You may enjoy several river overlooks along the way giving a stunning view of the river and surrounding scenery. This trail surface starts from gravel slowly becoming reddish dirt and sand with some areas of sandstone bedrock. The Colorado River Canyon is one of the most picturesque spots on the planet.

A Jeep Riding Pleasantly In The Chicken
A jeep riding pleasantly in the chicken

Beautiful sights on the way to Chicken Corners Moab

The Rock Formation gives gorgeous images on the horizon. There are some balancing rocks for observation along the trail. The trail itself looks a bit like a ledge of dirt at some points.

Chicken corners trail obstacles and other details

The trail traverses various noteworthy features including the Catacomb Rock and Borning Rock. While the trail is mostly passable all the time the ford of Kane Creek becomes impassable after it rains. If you’d like to experience this and other trails in the region, stop by Dixie Automotive in Moab and we’d be happy to place you in one of our trail riding events. The trail is a popular attraction for riders but is also a great way to visit some of the beautiful sights along the route. For more hikes visit Dixie’s Trail Ride event in Dixie.


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