Difference between Renegade 500 and 800

One has often wondered whether the world of ATV riding is borne out of a primal desire left behind by our ancestors, who have left us with the dismantlable foundation of exploration. In this article we are going to provide the  Difference between Renegade 500 and 800 ATV riding is one of how we can … Read more

How to find your ATV Vin Decoder ?

We completely understand that you do not want to spend the time memorizing your ATV VIN. Hell, a lot of us might not even know that something like that exists. However, knowing where on your ATV, the Vin is etched out, might be extremely beneficial for you in the future. What is the ATV Vin … Read more

What is the smallest 4WD ATV?

The chances are that you are looking for a 4WD drive for your 6-year-old son or daughter and are finding it difficult to do so. Well, you don’t have to look elsewhere for it. We have got you covered with examples of some manufacturers who have been in the industry for a long time, who … Read more

What is a Dirt Bike Power Band?

What is Dirt Bike Power Band ?

There have been many theories out there to explain what a power band is; however, there is a lot of information out there that furthers many misconceptions. This article clarifies what a dirt bike power band is and dirt bike power band uses on a 2-stroke and a 4-stroke dirt bike.  What is a Dirt … Read more

How to Read a Spark Plug Color

How to read a Spark Plug

What is a spark plug?  A spark plug, even though it might seem like the least attractive part of your ATV bike, turns out to be the most important. The spark plug on your ATV is that part of your bike that not just keeps your engine running but also keeps it going by maintaining … Read more

Best 4 Wheelers for Kids

If you are looking to gift your child an ATV, it wouldn’t be too uncommon, primarily if your kid has grown up in an environment where he has seen quads lying around the house. If your child has been exposed to ATV’s at an early age and has spent his/her time riding around the country … Read more

Top 6 Best ATV Rear Seat

Best ATV Rear Seat Reviewed Whether you use your ATV for camping, hunting, or any other recreational purpose, you need the best ATV rear seat for carrying an additional passenger. In addition, modern ATV rear seats come equipped with large rear storage compartment for hauling all the important gear you will need during your outdoor … Read more

ATV Backfiring and Its Causes

Why Does ATVs Backfire

Why Does ATVs Backfire? It is always vexatious when you hear some strange sound coming out of the engine. I was recently riding ATV and heard a gunshot sound coming out of my ATV. This time is when I realized that the issue seems to be from engine and after much research, came into the … Read more