Top of the World Trails (Moab, Utah)

Top of the World(Moab, UT)

Region:  Moab

Trailhead Location:  About 23 miles NE of Moab

Trailhead GPS:  38°46’14.19″N 109°14’59.72″W

Trail Mileage:  10 miles +/- one way

Riding Difficulty:  Moderate (Rated 3 on Moab’s 4 point rating scale)

Temperature Range:  30-90 Depending on Season

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A Jeep Standing Towards The Edge On The Top Viewpoint Of The Top Of The World Trail.
A jeep standing towards the edge on the top viewpoint of the top of the world trail.

Trail Description

The top of the world trail is popular but large in length and higher ranked in the difficulty bar. The trail hosts some gorgeous viewpoints and allows dog owners to bring their buddies on a leash. If you are a rider who loves the natural rock congregations then this trail will be close to your heart. Most of the road is formed of broken rocks in natural layers but there is some graded road as well.

This trail is located towards the eastern region of Moab and on the south of the Dewey Bridge crossing, present exactly on the colorado river. The name of the trail is such because this only trail in Moab offers a scenic view of the whole region from around 7k feet. The trail is a little difficult but if you and your vehicle are both experts then the top of the world will be worth every effort.

Although you would feel much at ease at the starting region of the trail because the road is smoothly paved with gravel. But as the trail will progress it will demand good control of the tires and much patience from the riders. The actual technical factors do increase a lot when you reach the split which then leads to the whole stretch along the top. The trail includes portions of fisher creek canyon, a seven-mile mesa, onion creek, and also fisher valley. The region past fisher creek will have the longest of the steep obstacles along with rock formations.


Amazing viewpoints

The first obstacles you will find on the rose garden hill will be quite thrilling in terms of a rocky experience. The onion creek you will face soon after will challenge you with narrow areas but if you are experienced you don’t have much to worry about. After the onion creek region, you will witness short cliff-hanging portions where riders often park their rides near the edge and take in the wonderful scenic views. This region you will find just above the cottonwood canyon that goes into the fisher valley. The entrada sandstones in this region are amazing for their natural formations and exposed beauty.

The top of the world trails will take you through a long stretch of these sandstone cliffs. The actual viewpoint from where you will feel on top of the world lies above fisher valley but also holds the view of La Sal mountains towards the background of the south.

The onion creek also hosts a unique experience than other trails where the onion creek extends. The view of northern book cliffs and the plains at a distance altogether will provide an amazing scenic experience like no other trail in Moab. At the top viewpoint, riders have often shared to experience strong wind and a different fresh air which rises towards the sky from the valley below.

A Jeep Facing Some Difficulty In The Top Of The World Trail.
A jeep facing some difficulty in the top of the world trail.

Starting point directions and further details

The start of the trail lies at the burned-out Dewey suspension bridge which is twenty-nine miles northeast of Moab on U-128 highway. You will find parking and washroom facilities off the highway. Drive-up on the gravel road for a few miles where you can park. After being on a gravel path for some time you will find the road length get doubled in the Kokopelli trail.

Elevation High: 7035

Elevation Low: 5000

Terrain: Jeep trail along Sand, Slickrock, and boulders

Vegetation: Junipers and Sage

Best Travel Season: Spring and Fall

Map Availability: Moab

Breakfast Joint: Moab

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