Ten Mile Wash ATV Trails

Ten Mile Wash (Moab, UT)

Region:  Moab

Trailhead Location:  Accessible through White sands

Trailhead GPS:  38°48’20.31″N 110° 2’52.60″W

Trail Mileage:  Ten Miles 

Riding Difficulty:  Moderate

Temperature Range:  30-100+ Depending on Season

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Ten Mile Wash Atv Trails

  1. A ten mile wash trail glimpse taken by riders.


Trail Description

The ten mile wash trail has been rated as moderate and stretches around the length of 6.2 miles. The trail is considered environmentally sensitive and much popular. Experts suggest not to visit this trail if the rain has been pouring hard for the previous day. The trail has stream banks with sandy roads so your ride might get stuck easily in here.


The trail would offer a lot of short climbing and sloping downwards so the rides are much fun.The ten mile trail is rather a common spot for camping and experiencing the green river. After experiencing puddles early on, you will reach the spot where the river backs up into the canyon. After you finally reach the view of the river you will soon find a fork as well from where into the left the ten mile rim trail starts. You can view the tombstones in huge sizes on this trail.


After riding further into this trail you will starting point of the rim which is blocked. But you can walk if you would like and trail by foot towards the texas bob dugway. This serves as a great viewpoint to witness the unique rock domes in abundance. Further, into the trail, a lot of slick rock formations will be found too.


Among them, you will find a conned rock with a flat top which is called the landmark rock. You will then slowly reach near the canyon bottom after crossing more slick rocks. The point which is like a turnoff can be named the midway access.


If you want to cross the midway access as well to exit the trail then the ride might get a bit rough. Fell free to camp in this ten mile wash trail with sufficient water and a portable toilet. This countryside experience which the ten mile wash provides makes the rider more patient and accustomed to the Slickrock experience.

Ten Mile Wash Atv Trails

  1. A rare picture of ten mile wash trail taken with some greenery in sight.


Direction and further details

First, you have to take highway 191 and ride towards the north for fifteen miles and then take a turn towards blue hills road. This turn should be taken from mile marker 142. After riding further seven miles you will find the dubinky well road which you need to pass by and then take the left towards Levi well road. Then further into the 6.8 miles of the road you need to stay on the right where the road goes south towards the spring canyon point road. Then after riding for just one mile you would have reached dripping springs that are the entry point to the ten mile wash trail.



Further details

Elevation High: 4100

Elevation Low: 4100

Terrain: Creek bed – after heavy rain trail changes dramatically

Best Travel Season: Be mindful of the weather, flash floods heavily impact this trail

Map Availability: National Geographic has two detailed maps of Moab area trails

Breakfast Joint: Green River

Base Camp: Green River or Moab

Luxury Lodge: Green River or Moab


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