Spring Creek 4×4 Trail – Colorado

Spring Creek Trail Overview

It is an extremely tough trail that is full of adventure and thrill, to succeed the trail one must be strong hearted. It has been turned to be more difficult after many years because of the traffic, as many people who are fond of trail adventure like to visit this trail. If you want to overcome this challenge then you would have to face amazing obstacles and in turn will be rewarded on this adventure with some great views and sceneries.


Trailhead Location: Denver

Trailhead GPS: 39.7630273,-105.6335134

Trail Mileage: 5.3 miles

Riding Difficulty: Difficult

Temperature Range: 22⁰F to 89⁰F

Spring Creek 4×4 Trail Map

Spring Creek 4×4 Trail - Colorado


The trail is somewhat difficult, the short road parts of the middle road contains a series of large rocks obstacles. It is not wrong to say that it’s a game of only heavily modified vehicles and trucks. However, the unlicensed vehicles are also allowed on this trail but it would be a great achievement if you become successful in driving an ATV or UTV along this trail.

To access this trail you have to approach Interstate 70 at Downieville exit 234 west of Idaho Springs. Then advance west on the driveway, it begins from the north side and passes under the freeway. At 1.8 km from the exit move left onto the Alvarado Road, then cross the bridge and immediately turn left.

Trail Description:

This is a fun rendering trail that is truly open since it is near Denver and low sufficient in height that it tends to be run early and late in the year contrasted with numerous Colorado trails. It’s also right close to a Starbucks, which is a decent reward.

Spring Creek 4×4 Trail - Colorado

You start on the path right close to I-70 and you can hear it or see it for a decent piece of the path. It fires up a precarious slope of rock and you will come to a “Y” in the road where you can proceed straight forward or turn right. If you choose to go straight, immediately you get to the first hindrance, a major slope of rock and soil. Go to the right half of the lower part of the slope for the most straightforward line. Assuming that you turn right at the “Y” you can sidestep the slope however it merits looking at (it’s exceptionally simple to turn around in the event that you choose not to take the slope). This snag can be extremely challenging and hazardous if it is sloppy at the base. It is presumably the riskiest of each of the snags on this trail.

You’ll ascend the mountain after the first obstruction, frequently on slender shelf roads. There is a rough second deterrent close to the edge of the mountain on a curvy turn, sitting above the roadway and a pleasant perspective on Georgetown. Cautious tire arrangement will help you go through these stones with no issues (keep your tires on the high focuses).

The third significant snag is at another bend, however this one is more secure in the trees. It is substantially more troublesome and it is in the shade, making it stay sloppy when the subsequent deterrent is dry. There are many lines through the impediment however not a solitary one of them is especially simple.

You’ll see more rough slopes and a few bluffs, alongside a couple of more modest stone difficulties. These difficulties get more fascinating with snow or hail as a large portion of the path is soil.

Spring Creek 4×4 Trail - Colorado

The most difficult aspect is the Rock Garden. It’s an extensive, rough part of the trail with numerous courses through it. There are a few simple lines and a few truly challenging lines, so you’ll have to get out and design your course prior to endeavoring it interestingly. There is a concise detour to one side of the stones that will get you around the greatest of the impediment’s stones, yet it will not get you around every last bit of it. Make certain to look for signs as this sidestep might be shut sooner rather than later.


At the point when you get to the top, you’ll track down the huge knoll with a lovely view. Go right to go down Saxon Mountain to Georgetown (moderate trail) or go left to visit a web of trails including Cascade Creek (moderate), Spring Gulch (easy), Ute Creek (easy), and Trail Creek (easy). See the guide and extra trail data for insights regarding these roads and trails.

Things to Know

For the off-road enthusiasts and the adventure loving wheelers this trail has gained the status of “go to spot” which requires a short drive from Denver. It contains a very heavy traffic during weekends so don’t go to this trail when alone. Crossing large rocks and hurdles is a normal thing on Spring Creek. This Creek is under continuous change because new boulders or obstacles get exposed every year and the old ones thrive in new resting spots.


It begins with the first hurdle that is called “The Wall”. Without the proper control and maneuverability of your vehicle’s may damage and there are more chances of a rollover. The trail ascends straight up to the mountain thereby enabling you the eye catching views of the above I-70 and the towns of the nearby mountains. The last switchback of the trail is more challenging which is known as “The Hard Left” it is trickier even for the most updated or high capabilities vehicles. Moreover, there lies a rocky part which is called as “The Rock Garden” this section contains many different routes and lines, and also is very challenging and is a test for driving on the rocks.


Spring Creek 4×4 Trail - Colorado


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