Poison Spider ATV Trails

Poison Spider(Moab,UT)

Region:  Moab

 Trailhead Location:  On Highway 279 (Potash Road) just West of Moab

 Trailhead GPS:  38°31’57.54″N 109°36’31.96″W

Trail Mileage:  10 Mile +/-

 Riding Difficulty:  Moderate to Difficult (4 out of 4 on Moab’s trail rating scale)

 Temperature Range:  40-100°F Depending on Season

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Poison Spider Atv Trails

  1. A couple of jeeps carefully riding across the poison spider trail.



Trail Description

The poison spider is one of those trails which is accessible throughout the year and can be experienced with any off-road vehicle for mountain biking, hiking, and the thrill. The poison spider which stretches for about twenty-one kilometers offers various obstacles in its way which will be quite thrilling and enjoyable to overcome by the riders. But there are some obstacles in the trail which only expert riders would be comfortable with.


If you are a beginner with off-road riding then first trying out the other less difficult but amazing trails of Moab is the right option. The vehicles should have large tires with high ground clearance. Lockers along with good articulation in the vehicle are also a requirement for the poison spider trail.


The loop-type trail also routes through in a fairly complicated way so following the map and the jeep symbols is very important. In this trail, the road will be mostly of Slickrock and bare rocks. There will also be ledges of rock, sandy lower grounds, and dusty sandhills. This trail is also sometimes called the ‘poison spider mesa’.


The eastward side of this trail lies along the Moab valley while the southern region occupies the colorado river. The poison spider trail can be reached by the so-called potash road which is the byway 279. The trail elevated towards the rocky cliffs which had several layers of rock. After you have made the elevation, congratulate yourself and embrace yourself for further obstacles which are more exciting than scary.



Spectacular viewpoints


Do not have the assumption of spider abundance from the name, as you won’t find spiders any more in number than in the local areas. The trail offers some mesmerizing scenes along with various viewpoints. The region of vistas in the fins and the view of La Sal mountain are excellent. The high ground of the trail will offer a unique panoramic view of the Moab.


The unbroken slick rocks are much different than the Slickrock sandstones in other trails of Moab. You can also view the Little Arch several miles from the view of La Sal mountains edge. After crossing the starting portions of loose rocks and steep spots you will have several ledges and sandy parts to overcome. Do not hesitate to get down once in a while and enjoy the unique roads on foot.


Further, into the trail, the sandstone domes will give you the thrill of a motocross-like obstacle making the ride go upwards and downwards yet again. Then towards the end of the trail, you will be facing many climbs which would provide much more freedom in enjoying the views like no one else on the lower trail paths. This poison spider trail has been prone to a lot of off-road riding so the authorities are very strict with maintaining your ride on the legal paths.

Poison Spider Atv Trails

  1. A person biking through the elevated portions of poison spider trail.


Directions and further details

About six miles from Highway 191 you will find the parking spot on the poison spider trail. The actual trail is found about 0.25 miles from the parking spot which is the poison speed jeep track. You will also find restroom availability on the trailhead.


Elevation High: 4900 Ft

 Elevation Low: 4000 Ft

 Terrain: Sandstone (Slickrock), Rocks, Sand

 Vegetation: Sagebrush, Junipers

 Best Travel Season: Spring and Fall

 Map Availability: Moab Visitors Center or Moab Stores

 Route type- loop



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