Oakley | UT | Smith & Morehouse Trail System

Oakley , UT

Region:  Northern

Trailhead Location:  Just past Smith and Morehouse Reservoir and Ledgefork CG

Trailhead GPS:  40° 44’26.29” N 111° 06’03.50” W

Trail Mileage:  20 Miles +/-

Riding Difficulty:  Moderate

Temperature Range:  30-90°F Depending on Season

Trail Description

Located about an hour away from Salt Lake City is the beautiful Smith and Morehouse ATV Trail. This trail is sometimes called Mud Lake Flat, Mud Flats, or the Ledgefork trail. The trailhead is located just beyond the Smith and Morehouse Reservior and right next to the Ledgefork Campground entrance. The trail is jeep width and is fairly well maintained throughout the year. It can get dusty in the summer and fall if it hasn’t rained in a while so make sure to wear goggles and a mask.

The trail takes riders about three miles up the canyon before it reaches the Mud Flats area and begins to branch out into several different routes. This is a really fun trail system to explore all the different sections and obstacles. There are several places with incredible views of the Uintas and the Kamas Valley. The riding isn’t difficult except for a few rock fields that any decent rider can navigate with the right line. Plenty of deer can be seen on this ride and occasionally you’ll see an elk or even a black bear.

Like most areas in the Uintas, much of the terrain looks similar so a good map and GPS are really helpful on this trail system. The ranger station right before you get to the reservoir has a great map of the area if you get there during a time it’s open. There’s also a reason why they call it “Mud” Flats. During a good rain or snow storm, the trail gets very muddy and slippery. It’s a good idea to watch the weather before you head out.

Additional Trail Information

Elevation High: 9800

Elevation Low: 7800

Terrain: Jeep trail with dirt and rocks

Vegetation: Aspen, Pine, Sagebrush, etc.

Best Travel Season: Early Summer through Mid

FallMap Availability: Ranger Station just before the lake

Breakfast Joint: Oakley, Kamas, Heber, Park

CityBase Camp: Ledgefork Campground

Luxury Lodge: Park City is about 23 miles to the West

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