Metal Masher Trails

Metal Masher Trails in Moab,Utah

Region:  Moab

Trailhead Location:  7.3 miles north of the Hwy 191 and 128 intersection

Trailhead GPS:  38°39’23.19″N 109°40’39.45″W

Trail Mileage:  From 191 it’s about 22 miles

Riding Difficulty:  Difficult (Rated 4 on Moab’s 4 point rating scale)

Temperature Range:  30 – 110 depending on the time of year

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A Utv Struggling To Make A Climb On A Metal Masher Trail.
A UTV struggling to make a climb on a metal masher trail.

Trail Description

The metal masher trail is a colossal trail of about 57 km and is rated moderate in difficulty by most experts and trail websites. The type of the metal masher trail is an out and back one and is also a popular trail for camping. Most of the part of the trail is not complicated and has a simple dirt road. But there are sandstone areas as well of formidable height.

The other regions of the metal masher trail have a combination of Slickrock and sand. At the first region of the trail, the road climbs up the slope to reach an open area towards the rimrock. Then through the little canyon, the trail reaches the tilted rocks. One route which you would then follow will introduce you to the mirror gulch.

The area in this part is very narrow and often causes damage to vehicles of full width. This type of trail obstacle will require your vehicle to have a locker, ground clearance, and high tires. Experts also recommend riding this trail in a group. In the metal masher trail, it is very difficult to find the right track sometimes. So always keep a check on the white lizard symbols marked on the trail. Depending on a GPS or tracklog is way more convenient.


The mirror gulch area doesn’t have a bypass so you need to face this difficulty bravely. Then after crossing this you will have to face the Widowmaker hill which is very difficult to cross. This area is like a huge ridge that has a lower region that is narrow in width and edges are much tippy. Then the rest of the ridge has a rock ledge that is steep and has a low friction base. Most big vehicles get damaged by this obstacle.

But the trail is not only about difficult obstacles, it has amazing viewpoints. After you cross the Arth’s rim you will find great views of arches national park and La Sal mountains. Then after you witness the Moab valley and go further a few miles you will find a perch region on the cliff. From this area, the little canyon looks unique and gorgeous as the walls are vertical and unique. The return trip is less challenging as you can bypass the widowmaker easily. You can join the Gemini bridges trail which is three miles only on the east of Highway 313.

Direction and further details

First, you need to travel north from the main street to the center street. After traveling for seven miles on highway 191 you need to turn towards the Gemini bridges route. After following the trail of Gemini bridges for six miles you need to turn north where you will find the start of the metal masher trail.

A Jeep Going Through A Rock Formation In Metal Masher Trail.
A jeep going through a rock formation in metal masher trail.

Elevation High: 5200

Elevation Low: 4500

Terrain: Slickrock, gravel, sand

Best Travel Season: Spring and Fall

Map Availability: National Geographic has two detailed maps of Moab area trails

Breakfast Joint: Moab

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