How Much Does An ATV Mechanic Make?

All-Terrain Vehicles or ATVs are built for the off-road tracks and thus are ridden through a complicated road experience for the vehicle. ATVs are such vehicles that can undergo several small changes to become specialized vehicles. ATVs have been witnessed in the past in every off-track and terrain from the no road list.They can be ridden in the deserts, hills, forests, muddy tracks, and even on ice.

In countries like the United States and the UK spotting an ATV is much common.Any person who loves to ride through terrains and off the road is someone who would keep an ATV in the backyard. As these vehicles are often used as adventure vehicles by riding through the mud and stones in rage, often slight repairs are needed for the vehicles.

In situations like these- questions similar to, how much does an atv mechanic make from your quick repair payments, does come to mind?

How much does an ATV Mechanic Make ?

An ATV mechanic can make an average of 75 – 100 $ per fix. Hence an ATV mechanic can make around 51,000/- USD per year comfortably. The range could be from 10,638 $ to $285,918 $ per year.


An Old And Dusty Atv In An Expert'S Garage
An old and dusty ATV in an expert’s garage


Thinking about DIY options

Many ATV riders love to feed their adrenaline with more adventurous rides and harm their ATV ride in the process in several cases.Most of the time a simple fix can get the ATV into the perfect earlier condition. But very few are willing to get their hands into the vehicle to fix it on their own, mainly out of the fear that they would just increase the problem without fixing it.

Steering through roughly, making the ATV jump from the ground, crossing a dense creek, and even running at a very high speed, all of these factors can cause the ATV to undergo a necessary session in the garage.

But as these vehicles are built for handling rough conditions the damage is often something that can be repaired by the owner.

An Atv Getting Fixed In Garage
An ATV getting fixed in garage

There are many youtube channels, articles, and even manuals from which the ATV owner can fix the vehicle without paying any large cash to the professional mechanic. Yet there are some basic changes only that the owner is advised to DIY. If it’s anything above the basic repair they shouldn’t hesitate at all to bring in the ATV mechanic to the job.

From off-road experts it has been clearly stated that every ATV owner should know the most important two maintenance processes for ATV.

The first one is changing the air filter; this can be executed by anyone who has a little focus. The other one is changing the oil, by learning a little from online or offline sources it can be done by anyone.

Details of DIY system

These two basic easy procedures can bring a lot of savings of time and money to the owner.From using the specific model name the rider can easily find the following materials with which these DIY repairs can be easy.

If the rider is mechanically a little informed on ATV performance then further level repairs can be also be tried out but ATV experts do suggest get these mostly done by the mechanic, these repairs include:

·      Swapping spark plugs

·      Flushing the brakes

·      Clean the system for cooling

·      Adjusting the valves

But it is advised to never do the first-time maintenance procedure after buying an ATV. If in the future you do not possess any documentation for your first time servicing then the ATV warranty will become unfairly invalid. It is necessary to get the first service as it comes under conditions for the brand warranty to be valid.

 The average charge of an ATV mechanic Salary

When talking about ATV mechanics they get paid per their experience in the field. The country and the region have a role in the charges as well.For basic issues like changing of oil, the charge roughly stands at 30 dollars but can be considered as the minimum. The other basic repair which has been mentioned that is changing the air filter, which does cost around 7 dollars on average.

An Atv Getting Repaired By A Professional
An ATV getting repaired by a professional

Among the common issues with an ATV, problems with the carburetor rank among the top three in most common ones. A full carburetor analysis and repair can make the mechanic earn around a minimum of 75 dollars. A general tune-up on the whole ATV is also needed from time to time which includes several services costing a minimum of 100 dollars. Thus it can be stated that the ATV mechanics in the United States don’t get paid very well. From this the query should be mostly solved of how much does an atv mechanic make.

ATV mechanics salary statistics

When calculated based on the monthly income the payments are not good for an ATV mechanic.An ATV mechanic makes around 4000 dollars a month. If living in a proper apartment, then about the total salary would be going into rent from that amount. According to reputed statistics from, an ATV mechanic makes the most money in San Francisco when compared to any other place in the United States.

The statistics further say that more than fifty percent of the ATV mechanic overall in the country make more than 51 thousand dollars in a year. If the numbers are broken down and further calculated an ATV mechanic gets paid only fifteen dollars for an hour’s work.

Besides knowing about how how much does an atv mechanic make it is also vital to know about the tax.ATV mechanics come under the rule of paying an average federal tax which would be at 22 percent or above.


As the statistics suggest, if an ATV mechanic is working or willing to work anyplace else other than San Francisco then payments are not so great as other professions related to mechanics. But if someone is enough passionate about fixing ATV’s then it is necessary to be really good at it. This would help in making the journey smooth and might even help in getting into sports teams with ATV or in an ATV manufacturing company.

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