Hell’s Revenge ATV Trails 

Hell’s Revenge ATV Trails 

Region:  Moab

Trailhead Location:  Just Past the Guard Station on Sand Flats Road

Trailhead GPS:  38°34’30.42″N 109°31’18.04″W

Trail Mileage:  8 miles

Riding Difficulty:  Difficult (4+ on Moab’s 4 point rating scale)

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Hell'S Revenge Atv Trails 

  1. The jeeps carefully ridding on hell’s revenge trail


Trail Description

The trail of hell’s revenge serves well enough to its name. The trail is made for severely brave riders and is considered a popular trail in moab as well. The route is meant for the most experienced riders and with vehicle conditions at their prime. The road itself is versatile as it provides more types of road experience other than the Slickrock. You will find broken rock areas, rock ledges, and even dirt sand to make your rocky experience complete.


On all the sandy areas of the trail, the road will be clearly in sight but a few areas might be a little messy and unsolved in your eyes. The best part of the difficulty factors of this trail is that there are bypass spaces present for the extremely difficult roadblocks. The most difficult blocks are not even achievable by the stock-vehicle class. The road will have some severely steep climbs and descends which would require great controls to pass over.


The first formidable obstacle you will face will be the Slickrock mounds which are having great height. The high elevation also decreases very soon which only highly skilled people are able to not get bothered by. There are sharp turns as well with very little width present on the road. The high rock hill comes soon which many riders call the tip over the hill that is very difficult to steeply climb down. But if you are planning to face the biggest challenge on the trail do not go towards the tip over the hill because the Rubble trouble hill is not on the same path exactly.


This hill is dangerous as it has loose rocks instead of a sandstone base like most other Moab trails.The scenery of this trail is wonderful and offers some amazing viewpoints of the canyons and sandstone cliffs. The vistas can be witnessed as a circular space from the La Sal Mountains and also reaches the view of arches national park.


The rocky cliffs of Moab valley can also be witnessed from here. The view of the colorado river is very different from the hell’s revenge trail and every experienced rider on this trail has an exceptional experience of thrill, adrenaline, and achievement like no other trail. If you want to check out the hell’s revenge trail and you are not comfortable with the difficulty level then trying out the bypass trail called tip-toe through hell is a good option to consider.


This trail mostly abandons the difficult obstacles but holds the scenery which is much like hell’s revenge trail. Riders should know that this trail does not has any open areas to play around with the ride and the maximum limit allowed is fifteen m/h.

Hell'S Revenge Atv Trails 

  1. A vehicle making the steep climb


Directions and further details

First, take the U.S Highway 191 and then turn east towards 300 south in Moab and then ride on 300 south towards 400 east. After taking a turn towards the right on 400 east to mill creek drive. After going towards on east for carrying out on mill creek drive to reach the sands flats road. After one mile on sands flats road, you will find the hell’s revenge trail on the way.


Elevation High: 4700

Elevation Low: 4630

Terrain: Sandstone, Gravel, Sand

Best Travel Season: Spring and Fall

Map Availability: Moab Visitors Center or Moab Stores

Breakfast Joint: Moab

Base Camp: Many campsites are located along Sand Flats Road

Luxury Lodge: Moab

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