Golden Spike OHV Trail

Golden spike OHV Trail Location and Map

Trailhead LocationTake 191 north of Moab to 270 Turn left and go 5.9 Miles
Trailhead GPS38°31'57.51"N 109°36'32.47"W
Trail MileageAbout 7 miles if you stay on Golden Spike and don't get off on Poison Spider
Riding DifficultyDifficult (Rated 4+ on Moab's 4 point rating scale)
Temperature Range20-100°F+ Depending on Season
Elevation High5300
Elevation Low4300
TerrainSand, Rocks, and a whole lot of Slickrock (Sandstone)
VegetationSage brush, Junnipers
Best Travel SeasonSpring and Fall
Map AvailabilityNational Geographic has two detailed maps of Moab area trails
Base CampThere are several camping areas in the Moab area
Luxury LodgeMoab

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Trail description

The golden spike trail offers a golden opportunity to have a sneak peak on wild animals and birds without disturbing them. This trail is very difficult to ride and is only recommended to off-road riders who are highly experienced. If you are not an expert in off-road riding then this golden spike trail in Moab is not that suitable for you.

If you still would like to test your skills then at least bring along an expert atv or jeep rider along with you. But this trail offers some amazing view points above the Moab valley. When talking about scenic views in every direction you glance the view would be charming in this golden spike trail.

Allow some time before you head off on this one. Its length and a long list of challenges attract many visitors who return home in the dark. Technical Rating: 7/10 Best time Spring / Summer / Autumn and the best time for onx Offroad is Spring / Summer / Autumn. Elevation 1657.74 up till 16.

There are mostly several sandstone sections which are difficult to navigate up or down. The view from inside the edge a spine tingling 1000 feet rise above the slope. The view from the top of the rail line is spine tingling or botto.

The trail is around 21.1 km and lies above the slanting wingate sandstone. Then you will encounter the colorado river canyon followed by the fin country towards the north side. The north end will open several paths for you to explore.

Moab Off Road Trail Spotlight: Golden Spike

Moab’s most famous off-road trails offer hardcore racers the possibility of putting a rig against crazy obstacles. In this article we concentrate on one such trail in the Golden Spike. The Golden Spike is one of the most popular Trails in the Moab region. You are invited to sign up for our trails riding events of Utah to explore some of the trails suitable for your adventurous off-riding. The most popular trails in Moab feature those which challenge the toughest obstacles possible.

The rim around the cliff towards the Arches National Park will provide extraordinary views of the whole region. Taking all the difficulties on the way in consideration you should plan for around nine hours on this golden trail. But it advised to not stand at the very cliff edges because the ground is not very firm in the edges.

Golden Spike Trail Overview

Golden Spike is situated on BLM land and is open throughout the year when the weather permits. Most of the route follows the edge of the higher cliffs overlooking the Moab Valley and offers a stunning view and vista of all directions. These trails are valued at a rating 7 and they are well-earned judging by the obstructions and the damage they inflict on rigs. If you plan on tackling it, you will need a modified truck with tires of at least 35 inches in width along with both the differential lockers front/rear. The trail is recommended only to veteran off-roaders who know what they are doing.

The First Challenge Everyone Faces In The Golden Spike Trail.
The first challenge everyone faces in the golden spike trail.

The obstacles in the region

People often call the large obstacle which every one faces in this trail as ‘Launch Pad’. The land would steep on the lower side with a small gap in the rocky region between the land. It is not a dead opening but like a gap in between.

The atv or jeep needs to be taken quite skillfully through this region. The road then leads through the shiny rock surfaces into a hilly position which is named as zuki hill. The stony obstacles would come in many steps further.

But the experienced riders would enjoy the thrill of this region very well. When you reach towards the edges you will witness a wonderful view. The trail is worth it for the expert riders who love the adrenaline rush.


A Dirtbiker Facing A Difficulty Pull-Up In The Golden Spike Region.
A dirtbiker facing a difficulty pull-up in the golden spike region.


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