Gemini Bridges OHV Trails

Gemini Bridges(Moab,UT)

Region:  Moab

Trailhead Location:  North Of Moab on Hwy 191 on the West side of the road before Dead Horse Point Turn off

Trailhead GPS:  38°39’23.19″N 109°40’39.45″W

Trail Mileage:  About 6 miles to the bridges and back

Riding Difficulty:  Moderate

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Gemini Bridges Ohv Trails

  1. Two rides crossing each other in gemini bridges trail.


Trail Description

The gemini bridges trail is a family-friendly trail where you can bring along your lovely dog as too. This trail is very popular in Moab which provides many activities to choose from. The trail is open and accessible all year round and has some gorgeous viewpoints to offer. The gemini bridges trail is famous for mountain biking and has attracted bikers to this spot for several years. As the name suggests the trail has is made of massive rocks that are purposefully cleaved down the center to form two parallel bridges.


The trail presently lengths at around 21 km of the rocky region. But gemini bridges trail is very unique because the trail would make take you to flat tops from where the extreme void of the bull canyon can be witnessed. If you love deep views from heights then you would be loving this trail. Experts suggest than gemini bridges can be best explored when it is ridden as a point to point trail with a car shuttle. For being a great out and back ride trail the pro and intermediate level bikers love the features of gemini bridges.


To shuttle a car you need to park your own vehicle at the turnout and keep going up the US 191 to Highway 313. From this point, you will ride upwards the hill for about twelve miles through the dirt road marked as gemini bridges. When you reach the bridges the beautiful scenes would become much more clear and you will be able to see it all without bending your neck. The vistas are very sublime when you reach height.


In the north, you will be able to witness the sandstone blocks of merrimac buttes and monitor. On this trail, you can also view the arches national park towards the east. The La Sal mountain view is also charming from this trail. Further, into the trail, you will find the little canyon which is actually little in comparison to any canyon.


You will be able to find the nests of gooney birds in this region. As the trail again elevates to reach a rim of the cliff that ends towards the north of the canyon, bikers love the repeating elevation towards the trail end. Much remains for the bikers as the trail again descends to the jeep road reached the Redrock palisade towards the end. You will find great camping spots in the little canyon and gooney bird rock so the trail does offer a lot when you look at the whole picture.

Gemini Bridges Ohv Trails

  1. A low elevation point in gemini bridges trail.



First, you need to ride west on Utah highway 313 from the terminus present at US highway 191. After thirteen miles you will find the trailhead located along Utah Highway 313. Riders are advised to use GPS or map in this region for smooth trail riding. Using the shuttle system is also popular in the gemini briges trail.


Further details

Elevation High: 5200

Elevation Low: 4575

Terrain: Dirt Road with rocks and sand

Best Travel Season: Spring and Fall

Length:20.9 km

Trail type: Biking

Tread: Singletrack


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