Where to find your Suzuki ATV Vin Decoder ?

Where to find your Suzuki ATV Vin Decoder 

If you want to find your original Suzuki spare parts, then you need to know your ATV VIN. The Suzuki VIN number is what is going to give you the exact model and the year of manufacture.

Each make of the Suzuki Quad comes with its own location of the VIN Number and we are going to collate a few important locations of some of the more popular models, to make your search easier. The VIN location varies by the year and the model, for example- the Suzuki LTR 250 Quad Runner will have a different location than say the Vinzon Z400, so having a guide for this is necessary.

Find Suzuki ATV VIN Decoder Number 

The most common locations for the Suzuki ATV Vin are on the rear frame and on the vertical bars and if you can find it there, then you should have no trouble.

Let us discuss other scenarios where you are not able to find your VIN:

  • It is possible that your VIN is worn out or has been painted over. You can see this as a common occurrence on most second-hand ATV bikes.
  • VIN numbers are usually engraved, so the metal plate may have fallen off during corrosion or any other occurrence.
  • Sometimes, in the manufacturing process or in buying second-hand bikes, it is possible that your VIN was a part of a frame that has been replaced.

Let us discuss some of the models and the possible locations for those models:

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You will find the VIN on a metal plate that is usually right next to the frame, next to the kicker area, clearly visible next to the plug.

Suzuki 250 Quad Runner:

On the Quad Runner, you will find the VIN present mostly, to the left of the rear cross member or it is also possible that it is present on the right next to the vertical bar, closely located to the taillight.

Suzuki 700 King Quad:

Easily one of the more popular models, you can find the VIN on this one close to the rear frame to the left, directly adjacent to the tire. 

Getting a VIN Check

It is a good idea to get a VIN Check from a reliable service provider, to find your original Suzuki ATV VIN. This will mean including the history of the vehicle, when and where it was titled and manufactured, any prior maintenance that has been performed on the vehicle, theft history, manufacturing details, and so on.

Most people can avail of this service when they are in the process of buying a used bike or selling one. Whether you are purchasing this from a private seller or buying it through a dealership, it is important for you to know the history of your vehicle, so that you are sure that you are not purchasing a damaged or a stolen vehicle.


A useful thing to keep in mind when you are buying your ATV, especially if it is a 4-wheeler that has not been widely sold, is to check whether that particular model has been recalled at some point in time. This is particularly useful when it is a bike that has been recalled by the manufacturer for a particular reason and the location should be made available on the notices that have been provided to the consumers at the time of release.

For example- there are a couple of models of Suzuki that has been recalled in the past such as the Suzuki LT-A500F Vinson, the Suzuki LT-F500F Vinson, and the location was added in the release.

Find Suzuki ATV VIN Decoder Number 


We hope that this gave you a comprehensive understanding of the importance of knowing your vehicle’s VIN and also where you can find it. You need to be particularly cognizant of this, when you are buying a second-hand bike and it is always better to double-check the VIN Location as well as the model details, to ensure that you are not cheated. If you want to look at the year of the Suzuki ATV, then you can have a look at the 10th digit of the VIN and compare it with the corresponding year on the ATV chart.


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