Best ATV Seeder For Food Plots

Best ATV Seeder For Food Plots

In recent times the all-terrain vehicles have been widely used in agriculture for their excellent off-road stability and easy manoeuvrability. The ATVs are being used not only by professional farmers but for small backyard plot farming as well. But when doing on a large scale the daily task of spreading or even the initial seeding becomes a critically tiresome process. Due to the popularity of ATV, many other ATV centric products have come into the industry which had made many tasks much easier to perform.

Among these accessory products, the ATV spreader or seeder is one of the best inventions that has benefitted the agricultural industry by a large proportion. Using a high-quality ATV seeder or spreader makes agricultural tasks of spreading much easier. The amount of labour and the time involved gets reduced drastically when you use an ATV spreader or seeder. This machine can be attached to the front side or the backside of your ATV which is chosen based on the distribution method employed.

The atv spreader needs

Not only the seeds but after the seeds get ploughed there are multiple other items that might need to be spread at the correct time in the fields. After the seed is planted at ideal intervals fertilizers and pesticides are needed to spread for the plant to grow properly. There also remains a daily need of watering every single plant so that they remain well-nourished. The all-terrain vehicle is very popular in many countries like the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand and many other countries.

Along with the ATV using the products like an ATV spreader can make your farming tasks much easier and bring you lots of extra time to carry out your personal tasks and leisure activities. But there are several ATV spreaders or seeders in the US market which would vary in features and even design. Here you will find all of the best ATV spreaders, seeders which are quite efficient, durable and serve the spreading purpose very well. The best ATV seeders are mentioned below in detail.

ATVS100 broadcast spreader or seeder

This ATV spreader from the ‘Buyers products company’ is the best in the category that you can buy for your farm agricultural needs. This ATVS100 model gets very easily installed in your ATV’s rear utility rack directly without any issues. For spreading or seeding purposes the user has extra control in the direction because of the material flow handle present in the machine which is adjustable to great extents.

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The poly hopper in this ATVS100 spreader can store up to 100 lbs of material which flows freely all the time without any coagulation or blockings. You can store anything from rock salt or seeds based on the present need of your fields. Inside the machine is present a strong twelve volts motor fitted at the hopper along with a gate regulator which works manually. The spreading remains totally in control of the ATV user and the amount can also be scrutinized at all times.


The other essential features of this ATVS100 spreader are as follows:

  • This ATV seeder can also be used in rain because of the rain cover which comes along with it. This cover completely fits the hopper and lets any type of material present in the ATV spreader intact so that it can flow out of the machine without any trouble.
  • This ATV spreader works in every season and is widely used all over the United States. This ATV spreader can be used for all types of landscaping, framing and even ground maintenance if needed. Some people might even use this ATV spreader for luring animals for hunting purposes in places where it’s legal.
  • The huge 100 lb capacity reduces the refilling necessities even if you have a large farm. The product is rustproof and has great longevity for its durable material and quality design.
  • The manufacturing brand is exceedingly professional and expert in the field of truck equipment and has been around since 1947. They have a wide range of products in various categories like toolboxes, hydraulics, towing equipment, snow and ice equipment and many other innovative and durable products are there from the ‘Buyer’s products’ company. Many types of hardware for trailers and unique lighting products are available.
  • The products are manufactured in the USA and are highly praised among all the state’s ATV communities and farming groups. The assembling is very easy with a few sockets and a screwdriver. Customers and experts suggest not tightening all the nuts at first and waiting for the whole frame to be connected. The price of this ATVS100 spreader is about a hundred and fifty dollars.
Atvs 100 Broadcast Spreader Model.
ATVS 100 broadcast spreader model.


Moultrie ATV spreader with electronic feed gate

This Moultrie spreader is one of the most popular spreaders or seeders among all the products in the US market under the same category. The hopper present in this spreader is made from durable plastic and the tapered plastic has a capacity of 100 lbs. The design allows for quick unloading of seeds and a unique easy-release mechanism makes the detachment immediately when you are done with the spreading.

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The hopper has a heavy-duty twelve-volt motor that works at various speeds as desired by the user. The fitting is perfect on the ATVs and the lid present in the spreader has an easy on and offsetting. The other most unique feature is the shield present with sixty percent of larger deflection. The bracket present in the Moultrie spreader is universal so that is why it fits every new and old model of ATV. The other essential features of this Moultrie spreader are as follows:

  • There is an electronic wired remote present with the spreader which makes the use of this product the easiest and totally non-laborious. The dispense rate or the speed is controllable in six different modes for the ideal spreading of seeds, fertilizer and any material which will be needed in your field. The electronic remote also has an on and off button which makes using the Moultrie spreader much easier.
  • With this agility of the product, you can get more seeding or spread done in much less amount of time than using your hand throughout the field or having an average spreader. This means you can get more work done in half the amount of time and utilize the crucial time of your daily life for other purposes. You can also use your Moultrie spreader equipped ATV for earning extra cash by helping other farms by seeding or spreading large plots with very minimum labour and in very little time.
  • The Moultrie spreader is also very light in weight than most other spreads equipment in the market and is therefore very easy to handle. The shiny black durable plastic makes the spreader look like a small water tank. The price of this Moultrie spreader is a little more than other products and ranges around four hundred dollars for its unique features.
Moultrie Atv Spreader With Electronic Adapter.
Moultrie atv spreader with electronic adapter.


Fimco dry material spreader

This is hands down the most long-lasting and durable product in the ATV spreader category and that is why has a much high price point than other ATV spreaders in the US market. The capacity of the polymer hopper present carries more material than most other spreaders or seeders in the category available from different brands. If you have a large plot of land which requires spreading and seeding often then this Fimco spreader would serve you amazingly.

[amalinkspro type=”image-link” asin=”B00AKJQF6O” new-window=”true” apilink=”″ img-size=”500,348″ addtocart=”true” nofollow=”true” alt=”FIMCO 5301845 ATV Dry Material Spreader for Fertilizer, 145 Lbs Polymer Hopper, Adjustable Slide Gate, Stainless Steel Radial Fan, 12V, Variable Speed” alignment=”aligncenter”][/amalinkspro]

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The prime materials which are best spread with this Fimco spreader are seeds, semi-dry pesticides, granular fertilizers, ice melt and any other dry material required in farming. The twelve-volt motor present in this spreader is of the best premium quality and can vary the speed to very low and high settings which also varies the spread width even up to forty-five feet which is huge and very few other spreaders in the global market can achieve this.

The other essential qualities of this Fimco spreader are as follows:

  • This Fimco spreader easily gets mounted to most of the standard ATVs which have a cargo rack present. About all modern atvs have a cargo rack present in the rear so there isn’t much to worry about. This versatile spreader also gets easily fixed to most UTVs with a two-inch hitch bracket for mounting. By using this optional bracket this Fimco spreader you can attach to even standard pickup trucks and this is why this spreader has a higher price point for its versatility.
  • The slide gates present are easy to control and this is how you can change the flow of the material immediately. The Fimco spreader also has a stainless steel radial fan which helps in the extended width of the material flow. The speed varying by the user can keep the flow width as minimum as five feet and maximum up to forty-five feet.
  • The price of this Fimco seeder is higher than other ATV spreaders in the US market. This machine costs around five hundred dollars and is easily available in almost every state. Unlike other spreaders in the market, the top lid of the spreader remains open and can be easily filled for its tray shape. You can use a lid too if you want to put it on the top edge of the spreader.
Fimco Dry Material Spreader.
Fimco dry material spreader.



For Ever last galvanized steel ATV spreader

This galvanized spreader is primarily made for forest and large groups of animal feeding. This is also considered the ideal and best corn spreader used for hunting and wildlife feeding. The primary material of this spreader is premium quality stainless steel. The spreader has a twelve volt motor of high-quality equipment and also has an adapter present which can be used by the ATV rider to control the feeder.


You can stop the spreading very easily and immediately at the spots where you don’t the material to be flown. The capacity of this galvanized steel spreader is only fifty lbs which are a little less than other spreaders in the market but the value is sufficient for using it as a corn feeder or deer road feeder. The same spreader is also available in a hundred lbs size. The control adapter is like a joystick of small size which can easily be used by any rider.

The other essential features of this steel are as follows:

  • This spreader can be considered the strongest feeder in the US market which will serve you year after year without any wear and tear. The steel is resistant against all kinds of natural corrosion and also has a spinner plate for controlling against any type of waste.
  • This ForEverlast tailgate spreader can be attached to any of the ATVs or UTVs very easily with a slight change in the configuration. This spreader also gets easily fitted on most of the common trucks and even recreational vehicles can have this steel spreader attached to them in the rear.
  • For feeding animals in a large area with a great number of animals, this spreader works the best than any other spreader in the US market. In several places, the requirement for spreading corn is there and for them using this spreader will save a lot of labour and time. Even for hunting purposes, this steel spreader is used by attaching to the rear bracket of ATVs, jeeps or pickup trucks.
Foreverlast Dry Material Spreader.
ForEverlast dry material spreader.



In the modern generation where technology has reached extreme limits there if you use your hand for spreading and seeding purposes in the agricultural fields, it is just not right. Using a good quality seeder in your all-terrain vehicle will not only save your time but would let you have more energy even at the end of the day for some other activities.

The spreading and feeding tasks are mostly carried out using the best spreaders in all the large farms and agricultural plots all over the United States. In here all the best ATV seeders are listed with all the feature details. Going through them all with help you make the right choice that would suit your purpose of work ideally.

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