ATV Backfiring and Its Causes

Why Does ATVs Backfire?

It is always vexatious when you hear some strange sound coming out of the engine. I was recently riding ATV and heard a gunshot sound coming out of my ATV. This time is when I realized that the issue seems to be from engine and after much research, came into the conclusion that my ATV was backfiring.

ATV Backfiring generally refers to a sudden loud sound coming out of your engine when you start the engine or ride the vehicle. ATVs are no different than other cars. These sounds might arise due to various reasons. When the engine is running too fast or too lean, these sounds tend to be heard. This also means that at times your vehicle’s engine is getting more amount of fuel than required for the amount of air. It is taking in or vice versa. Backfiring is due to the malfunction of the emission system in your ATVs.An explosion happens inside the combustion chamber when fuel is ignited by heat inside, and when there is incomplete combustion, and there no explosion in the chamber and the engine has an interruption, it causes backfire, resulting in loud sound. At times flames are also seen coming out of exhaust pipe.

What is ATV Backfire?

So what’s a backfire? As you have read above, backfire is a sudden sound that comes from the engine when you ride your vehicle. This usually is a Loud bang sound that comes while the engine is running or at the time of its shut down.
This backfires usually occur when there is a malfunction in your engines intake and outtake fuel. AT times due to failing, the engine gets shut down, and you have to restart the vehicle. Again if this problem happens over and over again, the quad needs to be shown to professionals for help.

ATV backfires when unburnt fuel is ignited post the ignition sequence. Majorly the backfire is because of jetting issues where either the jetting is too lean or too costly. Rarely it can also happen due to exhaust leaks.

When does ATV Backfires?

  • ATV sputters and usually backfires when below events happen:
  • ATV backfires when trying to start the engine.
  • ATV backfires when reviving the engine.
  • ATV backfiring happens through Carburettor
  • ATV backfiring on acceleration is also very common.
  • ATV backfires on deceleration.

How to diagnose the ATV backfire ?

Any loud explosion sound or POP coming out from the engine would mean your ATV has the backfiring issue. Similarly, if you can see flames coming out from exhaust would say you have a serious backfire issue.

What are the causes for ATVs Backfire?

  • Below are prevalent causes due to which the ATV backfires.
  • Reducing the speed very fast.
  • Adjustment of Carburettor, which is set too lean.
  • Unusual engine temperatures.
  • Some types of gasoline which has more mixture of alcohol.
  • The spark plug is fouled: Over the period, your quads spark plug will get corrosion, which will prevent fuel from entering the combustion engine and hence create the backfire.
  • Clogged air filter: At times, if the air filter is clogged, the fuel will not be able to enter the combustion chamber resulting in backfires.
  • Any hole present in the exhaust.

How do I stop ATV backfires ?

You can always avoid the ATV fails if the quads are adequately maintained. With the below steps in practice, there will be less chance of quad backfiring.

  •  It would be best if you reduced the engine speed slowly and not rapidly.
  • The carburettor has to adjust at an optimum level.
  • You need to select the right fuel, which has less alcohol.
  • Regularly clean the spark plugs.
  • Regularly cleaning of air filters can always keep your quad out of backfiring issues.
  • You need to adjust the throttler speed of ATV.
  • Lastly, if backfires of quads exist for a more extended period, then you need to show it to proper mechanic or professional.

How do you fix a backfire on an engine?

Over the period, if your quads have a backfiring issue, it is generally excellent, and you can always apply the above preventive measure to stop the backfiring. If the backfiring occurs due to the exhaust, then there are chances of damaging the muffler and the entire exhaust system. Similarly, if the backfire issue is frequently seen, then this might cause engine damage.
All in all, backfiring will never harm you or rider. Hence it is always advisable to make sure your spark plug or carburettor is clean, and the quads undergo right maintained over the period.

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