Top 10 Moab ATV trails

This post may open up a can of worms, but after years of people asking the same question over and over again, we thought we’d attempt to give an answer. The question we get asked on a regular basis is, “We’re headed down to ride some Moab ATV trails for the weekend and wondered what trails you’d recommend”.

This is a really tough question to answer.

First, it’s hard to pick our favorite ATV trails in Moab because there’s so many.

Second, the terrain in Moab varies a lot from trail to trail with some trails being crazy difficult and making grown men scream, to others trails that we’d feel comfortable allowing our kids to ride on.

Third, it really depends on what you’re looking for…scenery, obstacles, sand, slickrock, boulders, etc.

The best answer to the question is spend some time getting to know all the Moab trails and eventually you’ll decide what you and your group are really after. When we head down to Moab to ride, we always have our classic trails that we can’t miss and that never seem to get old, but we also always hit a new trail and experience. However, in an attempt to answer this question once and for all (if that’s possible) we thought we’d put together our top 10 Moab ATV trails list.

Before jumping into the list, it needs to be understood that most of these trails are extremely difficult that only advanced riders with adequate ATV’s should attempt. We’ve seen some bad accidents over the years that luckily haven’t led to major injuries (besides ego), but please be careful as you go out to ride. You should also review terms and conditions before attempting these trails. So here it is:

1-Hell's Revenge
2-Finns and Things
3-Poison Spider
4-Top of the World
5-White Wash Sand Dunes
6-Kane Creek Canyon (Upper)
7-Gold Bar Rim
8-Moab Rim
9-Ten Mile Wash
10-Gemini Bridges

Even as we create this list there is a good debate taking place. The bottom line is it’s really hard to pick our top Moab ATV trails. We’re sure that there are others that adamantly disagree with our list and would argue others. If so, we’d love to hear from you. Please share what your opinion is of other Moab trails that should have made the list. Either way, Moab is one of the greatest places on earth to ride ATV’s. It has it all, easy, moderate, difficult, insane, sand, rocks, water, scenery, cliffs, etc. We may disagree on the top trails, but I’m sure that we all agree that until you’ve ridden Moab on an ATV, you haven’t ridden. - Dirt bike & ATV parts

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