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Hanksville, UT | Henry Mountains


Nearest City: 
Hanksville ,
Trailhead Location: 
Hanksville, Utah
Trailhead GPS: 
38°22'17.18"N 110°42'50.06"W
Trail Mileage: 
Riding Difficulty: 
Temperature Range: 

Trail Description

Located just south of Hanksville Utah, the Henry Mountains offer some incredible views and great atv trails. This area is mostly known as a premium area for deer hunting with some of the largest mule deer in Utah. The Henry Mountains also contain the largest population of bison in the US outside of Yellowstone.

There are two popular mountains in the area, Mt. Pennell and Mt. Ellen. You can access the area by either taking the dirt road that goes right into Hanksville or by traveling further down SR 24 and looking for the Henry Mountain signs.

This is a great area to stage right in Hanksville and head out to the mountains. You'll be amazed at the wildlife in the area, especially the mule deer and bison. There are several different roads to explore with a few of them taking you right to the top of Mt. Pennell and Ellen.

The views from almost anywhere on the mountain are incredible. Towards the south you can see lake Powell, the west is Capitol Reef, the north is San Rafael, and the east is Moab.

Please review our Terms and Conditions before riding this trail and always remember to Tread Lightly.

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Additional Trail Information

Jeep width roads
Pines, Sagebrush, Junipers
Summer and Fall
Blondies in Hanksville
Plenty of great campsites in the mountains (some designated campgrounds)

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