Nephi | UT | Little Sahara Sand Dunes

Little Sahara

Nephi | UT | Little Sahara Sand Dunes

Nearest City: 
Nephi ,
Trailhead Location: 
About 25 Miles West of Nephi Utah
Trailhead GPS: 
39°43'33.92"N 112°18'23.86"W
Riding Difficulty: 
Ranges from easy to difficult
Temperature Range: 
30-90 Depending on Season

Trail Description

The Little Sahara Sand Dunes (also known as Jericho Sand Dunes) are some of the largest and most popular Sand Dunes in Utah. It's estimated that there are 124-square-miles of sand in this area with the recreation area comprising of 12 miles long and 10 miles wide (or over 60,000 acres of ATV riding opportunities). Rookies to this area are amazed as they see it for the first time and realize how much ATV riding there is.

To get there from Salt Lake, take I-15 south to Nephi and head out of town on West on Hwy 132. For turn by turn instructions Click Here

Some of the more popular areas to ride are:

White Sands Dunes: Located on the Northern end of the dunes this area offers some great sand bowls.

Sand Mountain: A massive wall of sand climbing nearly 700 feet that's home to some of the greatest sand climbing in all of the US.

The dunes southwest of Black Mountain: These are lowers dunes that provide good atv riding for beginners or for those who want to get away from the crowds.

Black Mountain: A network of dirt trails up going over the top and all around the mountain.

State law requires flags to be used when riding in sand dune areas. This area can be very dangerous, especially during the holiday weekends. You will quickly be reminded of how dangerous this area can be as you approach the dunes and see the warning signs. Many people have been injured here or even died. Please ride responsibly and watch out for others.

There are several places to camp in the park including White Sands (99 campsites, flush toilets, water, and great area for kids), Oasis (144 campsites, flush toilets, water, RV stations, etc), Jericho (overflow camping area, flush toilets, playgrounds, etc), and Sand Mountain (primitive camping, very crowded and wild during popular weekends).

Please review our Terms and Conditions before riding this trail and always remember to Tread Lightly.

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Additional Trail Information

Sand Dunes and dirt trails
Sagebrush and Juniper
Spring and Fall
Visitors Center and REI
Several Campgrounds near the dunes
Not alot out here

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