ATV Backfiring and Its Causes

Why Does ATVs Backfire

Why Does ATVs Backfire?

It is always vexatious when you hear some strange sound coming out of the engine. I was recently riding ATV and heard a gunshot sound coming out of my ATV. This time is when I realized that the issue seems to be from engine and after much research, came into the conclusion that my ATV was backfiring.

ATV Backfiring generally refers to a sudden loud sound coming out of your engine when you start the engine or ride the vehicle. ATVs are no different than other cars. These sounds might arise due to various reasons. When the engine is running too fast or too lean, these sounds tend to be heard. This also means that at times your vehicle’s engine is getting more amount of fuel than required for the amount of air. It is taking in or vice versa. Backfiring is due to the malfunction of the emission system in your ATVs.An explosion happens inside the combustion chamber when fuel is ignited by heat inside, and when there is incomplete combustion, and there no explosion in the chamber and the engine has an interruption, it causes backfire, resulting in loud sound. At times flames are also seen coming out of exhaust pipe.

What is ATV Backfire?

So what’s a backfire? As you have read above, backfire is a sudden sound that comes from the engine when you ride your vehicle. This usually is a Loud bang sound that comes while the engine is running or at the time of its shut down.
This backfires usually occur when there is a malfunction in your engines intake and outtake fuel. AT times due to failing, the engine gets shut down, and you have to restart the vehicle. Again if this problem happens over and over again, the quad needs to be shown to professionals for help.

ATV backfires when unburnt fuel is ignited post the ignition sequence. Majorly the backfire is because of jetting issues where either the jetting is too lean or too costly. Rarely it can also happen due to exhaust leaks.

When does ATV Backfires?

  • ATV sputters and usually backfires when below events happen:
  • ATV backfires when trying to start the engine.
  • ATV backfires when reviving the engine.
  • ATV backfiring happens through Carburettor
  • ATV backfiring on acceleration is also very common.
  • ATV backfires on deceleration.

How to diagnose the ATV backfire ?

Any loud explosion sound or POP coming out from the engine would mean your ATV has the backfiring issue. Similarly, if you can see flames coming out from exhaust would say you have a serious backfire issue.

What are the causes for ATVs Backfire?

  • Below are prevalent causes due to which the ATV backfires.
  • Reducing the speed very fast.
  • Adjustment of Carburettor, which is set too lean.
  • Unusual engine temperatures.
  • Some types of gasoline which has more mixture of alcohol.
  • The spark plug is fouled: Over the period, your quads spark plug will get corrosion, which will prevent fuel from entering the combustion engine and hence create the backfire.
  • Clogged air filter: At times, if the air filter is clogged, the fuel will not be able to enter the combustion chamber resulting in backfires.
  • Any hole present in the exhaust.

How do I stop ATV backfires ?

You can always avoid the ATV fails if the quads are adequately maintained. With the below steps in practice, there will be less chance of quad backfiring.

  •  It would be best if you reduced the engine speed slowly and not rapidly.
  • The carburettor has to adjust at an optimum level.
  • You need to select the right fuel, which has less alcohol.
  • Regularly clean the spark plugs.
  • Regularly cleaning of air filters can always keep your quad out of backfiring issues.
  • You need to adjust the throttler speed of ATV.
  • Lastly, if backfires of quads exist for a more extended period, then you need to show it to proper mechanic or professional.

How do you fix a backfire on an engine?

Over the period, if your quads have a backfiring issue, it is generally excellent, and you can always apply the above preventive measure to stop the backfiring. If the backfiring occurs due to the exhaust, then there are chances of damaging the muffler and the entire exhaust system. Similarly, if the backfire issue is frequently seen, then this might cause engine damage.
All in all, backfiring will never harm you or rider. Hence it is always advisable to make sure your spark plug or carburettor is clean, and the quads undergo right maintained over the period.

What is the average life span of ATV?

What is the average life span of ATV

It is always good to contemplate life determinants while buying new or used ATVs. You are never going to put the money on ATV, musing about how long the ATV will last.

The average life span of ATV

The average lifespan of ATVs could be for around 20 years if quads are well maintained. Any ATV with the running span of over 1000 hours are still running like new since they have maintained these bikes regularly. Occasionally, most automobiles start giving problems once you hit the 10,000-mile mark. Of course with little tips, this life can be increased out of this beautiful vehicle. 

Since there are various manufacturers for ATVs with separate service agreements, you should always think of finding a cost-effective way to fix your quad. 

The ATV value in olden days was determined by the factors of how many miles the ATVs have run. But now everyone looks at how the automobile is maintained. 

Similar to other vehicle maintenance, If you are more cautious with your ATVs service and spares and are taking regular care, then, of course, the machine will run for a more extended period. 

For newly purchased ATVs, it is always challenging to predict the number of years the ATV will last. It also will depend majorly on the driving conditions and how ATVs have ridden. If ATVs are ridden frequently in Off roads, then there are sure chances that the life span of ATV is not that long. On the contrary, if the ride is in everyday ways, you can expect the life expectancy of the quad increased drastically. 

More importantly, it also will depend on how it is maintained. 

ATVs well maintained over the last ten years without any significant mechanical problems can further go down and last for another ten years, which can make the right choice while buying second-hand ATVs.

 Can the ATVs run for more than ten years?

Few ATVs which were manufactured by corporations like Suzuki, Honda in the 1980s are still working in excellent conditions. They have regularly oiled, greased, and well maintained. 

The engines built by Suzuki and Honda were undoubtedly reliable and promised to make to the last, as long as they were maintained. Today few quads like Suzuki 450 or King quads 300 still are forerunners when it comes to the sheer power and thrill that they provide while riding these ATVs. 

Other good brands that have shown the strength to run for long are Yamaha Grizzly 700, Yamaha Rhino, or Honda Rincon. 

In today’s time, any ATV, if ridden hard and not maintained, will quickly die off soon. 

There has been the growth of numerous Chinese manufacturers as well in the ATV sector, where the ATV comes at a very lower price than its counterparts. These ATV manufacturers cannot always be trusted as they might have built these machines with cheaper parts, and in the future, it becomes difficult to source the spares. An average lifespan for these ATVs are not more than 6-7 years. Hence as mentioned above, if at all, ATVs are not going to last longer if they are not maintained.

Tips for ATV Maintenance

 Its always good to get these quads serviced professionally every quarter. You should also try to do essential maintenance of the ATV regularly by yourself. 

  1. The significant damage that happens to ATVs are due to the dust and dirt which gets into the engine. Hence these quads need to be adequately cleaned regularly. 
  2. In addition to this, air filter and oil filter of ATV need to change at regular intervals. 
  3. Before the vehicle rode in specks of dirt or mud areas, you need to apply grease so that the muds cannot stick to the quads. 
  4. Cleaning of chains, brakes need to happen to your quads since Mud always sticks to strings, brakes. 
  5. Another vital tip to smoothly run your quads changing the oils regularly. 
  6. It would help if you greased zerks on the suspension to provide enough lubrication to the bushings. If this mushing are not lubricated, there are always chances of them getting torn off. 
  7. You should evermore dry your bike ere igniting the engine.  
  8. To avoid the damage in the seals, jet-wash should be avoided.
  9. Major maintenance for electricals is to check the corrosion on electric terminals regularly. You need to look for wear and tear of wires as well. 
  10. Parking your ATV under hood, shade, or garage is also a great tip to maintain the durability. If at all these quads cannot find their space, they need to be atleast covered with ATV covers. A great ATV cover can be Badass Moto Ultimate ATV Cover found here on Amazon. A heavy waterproof cover will have vents, zippers. 

By merely adhering to the above rules, you can always increase the life span of your ATVs. Moreover, these ATVs, if maintained properly, can quickly be further sold in the second-hand market at an excellent price. 

How to paint ATV plastics ?

How to paint ATV Plastics

9 Steps on How to paint ATV plastics – A DIY Guide

ATV plastics are designed to keep your vehicle away from dusts and dirts while driving in the mud trails. Being an ATV rider enthusiast, there would definitely be a though which will come across to paint your ATV plastics and give them more of your personal touch.
You also will then start questioning on how to paint ATB plastics ? Which paints will stick for a long time on your ATV? The following guide will try to cover all the aspects of ATV plastics painting. If you think on some other ways or improvements, do drop us a comment below.

Let me tell you that paining ATVs on your own is not very difficult DIY process as it sounds. If the right tools are in place and these tools can be utilised properly then painting your ATV become more of a fun.

  • Tools needed to paint ATV plastics
    Soft Cloth
    Paint specific Adhesives
    Decent urethane for spraying plastic
    Car wax

Removal off plastic or Decals

First and foremost , you need to remove any plastics around the area or any decals which are there.

Clean the ATV plastics

The first step is to clean the plastic. You can use any soft cloth to first remove the dusts/dirts which are available.
Next , with the help of 180 or 600 grit sandpaper ,sand the entire area . There will be thing curst that gets formed which needs to be removed from sanding process.

Get rid off water-soluble particles

Now it is time to remove any particles that are soluble. You can use scuff magic or red scuff pad, that will remove any water soluble contaminants.

Remove any more crusts present

Using the above mentioned sand paper , you need to sand again to remove any spots left or missed in first place. Once this is done , you need to sanblast everything and cover almost all the area that needs to be painted. You can use 8- grit aluminium oxide for this.The reason sanding is important is because it cleans the deep crusts or patches which if ignored can give a bad look to whole area after it be painted.

Cleaning plastic

Next , you need to clean your plastics with plastic cleaner. You can use polyvalence plastic cleaner. Once spraying is done you need to wait for at least 20 seconds just to make sure the solvents are dissolved properly. Once this is done, you can wipe the surface with soft cloth or any paper towel.

Adhesives and Primer

Finally after thorough cleaning of the surface , you now need to apply adhesives so that the paint gets well sticked with the plastics. You can apply any industrial level adhesives and apply two coats of it. Make sure the first coat is dried well , before applying the second coat. You can use something like plastic magic as adhesives to this process.
Further in order to get the right adhesives, you can get products like Bulldog Tie Coat or Ajax from the stores or order it online which are considered as good bonding agent.

Next , you need to apply primer. Again you need to make sure that the adhesives are already dried off. You can now apply any water resistant primer surfacer. This primer will fill any sandblast pits or scratches. You can apply at least 1-2 coatings of primer.


Any imperfections done in above steps can be eliminated by applying Putty flex. Once the putty is dried , it is time to sand again. To get the finishing for the plastic surface , you need to sand the areas again. This is to make the surface is smooth.
Once the sanding process is done, you need to apply waterborne all seasons Bumper sealer and let it dry. This is the last step after which paint layer can be applied.

Painting the ATV Plastic

Finally after you have followed all the above steps/methods, now it is time to paint the plastic. So go ahead and start applying the paint. You can use spray paint as well. First apply a single layer of paint let it dry off , then apply another layer of the paint to double coat it. Once the double coat painting is done, you need to make sure the top layer is applied with flex additive so as to make sure there is better adhesion between the paints and plastics.
Let it dry off again.

Waxing the surface

Once the paint is done , you can apply any car wax to shine the plastic further.Further if you have following the above DIY methods, finally you have answered your question on How to Paint ATV plastics

The process is bit lengthy but once you are done the end result is definitely going to make you happy.

Soldier Summit | UT | Reservation Ridge ATV trail

Duchesne, UT

Region:  Northern

Trailhead Location:  Timber Canyon and Soldier Summit

Trailhead GPS:  39°55’27.57″N 111° 3’18.06″W

Trail Mileage:  50 miles +/-

Riding Difficulty:  Easy – Moderate

Trail Description

The Reservation Ridge ATV and OHV trail (also known as the Indian Creek or Willow Creek ATV trail) runs along the south-western edge of the Ashley National Forest. The trail runs along the top drainage of Avintaquin canyon. Timber canyon is also part of the system. The ridge provides views of the Uintah and Wasatch Mountains. Herds of Elk and Deer are very prevalent as well as Mountain Lions.

To get to Reservation Ridge, take Spanish Fork Canyon or US-6.
Just past Soldier’s Summit, make a left turn on to FR 081. This road is known as the Reservation Ridge Road. There are several places to park along this road and start exploring.

Additional Trail Information

Elevation High: 10335

Elevation Low: 7300

Terrain: Alpine

Vegetation: Large Ponderosa and Quaking Aspen

Best Travel Season: Summer – Fall

Map Availability: Available, Duchesne Ranger Station

Breakfast Joint: Daniels Summit Lodge

Base Camp: Pinnacle Lodge Camelot Resort

Luxury Lodge: Pinnacle Lodge Camelot Resort

Rosette ATV Trail Utah | Raft River Mountain Trail System

The Raft River Mountains ATV trail system

Rosette, Utah -Trail Description

The Raft River Mountains ATV trail system (also known as the Black Creek Trail) is located in the Sawtooth National Forest in North West Utah. To get there from Salt Lake, take I-15 to Tremonton. Go northwest on US 84 to the Park Valley Exit just past Snowville. Continue west and southwest on SR30 past Park Valley and Rosette. As the road begins to veer southwest, take the dirt road headed west. Follow the dirt road until you reach the staging area. (This is a good trail to type in our GPS coordinates in Google Earth to get a better idea).

The Raft River mountains are a fun trail system (off the beaten path) with varying degrees of difficulty. There are plenty of places to explore and many different routes to take. This area offers some great views and wildlife can often be seen.


Region:  Northern

Trailhead Location:  About 6 miles directly west of Rosette Utah

Trailhead GPS:  41°48’55.56″N 113°31’25.93″W

Trail Mileage:  30 Miles +/-

Riding Difficulty:  Moderate

Temperature Range:  30-90 Depending on Season


Additional Trail Information

Elevation High: 7600

Elevation Low: 5800

Terrain: ATV and Jeep width trails on dirt roads

Vegetation: Sage, Juniper, Pine

Best Travel Season: Summer and Fall

Map Availability: Online or REI

Breakfast Joint: Tremonton

Base Camp: Tremonton

Luxury Lodge: Tremonton



Springville UT | Hobble Creek Canyon

Springville, UT

Region:  Northern

Trailhead Location:  Take the left fork on Hobble Creek Canyon Rd. Park where paved road ends

Riding Difficulty:  Easy to moderate

Temperature Range:  Below freezing in the winter, Mid 70’s in the summer

Trail Description

Well defined dirt road in the Uinta National Forest. The trail becomes somewhat steep and rocky in areas. High country with pine and aspen trees.

Additional Trail Information

Elevation High:

Elevation Low:

Terrain: Easy to moderate trail riding. Some rocky sections

Vegetation: Aspens, pines

Best Travel Season: Late spring, summer, early fall.

Map Availability: Available on google maps

Breakfast Joint: Several places available in Springville

Base Camp: Jolly’s Ranch. Overnight camping with hookups. Less than a mile up the right fork past the golf course.

Luxury Lodge:

Millville | UT | Millville to Providence Loop

Millville, UT

Region:  NorthernTrailhead Location:  Mouth of Millville Canyon

Trail Description

Great Ride with stunning views of cache valley. There are some tough spots so ride with someone to help you through those tough areas.

Additional Trail Information

Elevation High:Elevation Low:Terrain:Vegetation:Best Travel Season:Map Availability:Breakfast Joint:Base Camp:Luxury Lodge: