Soldier Summit | UT | Reservation Ridge ATV trail

Duchesne, UT

Region:  Northern

Trailhead Location:  Timber Canyon and Soldier Summit

Trailhead GPS:  39°55’27.57″N 111° 3’18.06″W

Trail Mileage:  50 miles +/-

Riding Difficulty:  Easy – Moderate

Trail Description

The Reservation Ridge ATV and OHV trail (also known as the Indian Creek or Willow Creek ATV trail) runs along the south-western edge of the Ashley National Forest. The trail runs along the top drainage of Avintaquin canyon. Timber canyon is also part of the system. The ridge provides views of the Uintah and Wasatch Mountains. Herds of Elk and Deer are very prevalent as well as Mountain Lions.

To get to Reservation Ridge, take Spanish Fork Canyon or US-6.
Just past Soldier’s Summit, make a left turn on to FR 081. This road is known as the Reservation Ridge Road. There are several places to park along this road and start exploring.

Additional Trail Information

Elevation High: 10335

Elevation Low: 7300

Terrain: Alpine

Vegetation: Large Ponderosa and Quaking Aspen

Best Travel Season: Summer – Fall

Map Availability: Available, Duchesne Ranger Station

Breakfast Joint: Daniels Summit Lodge

Base Camp: Pinnacle Lodge Camelot Resort

Luxury Lodge: Pinnacle Lodge Camelot Resort

Rosette ATV Trail Utah | Raft River Mountain Trail System

The Raft River Mountains ATV trail system

Rosette, Utah -Trail Description

The Raft River Mountains ATV trail system (also known as the Black Creek Trail) is located in the Sawtooth National Forest in North West Utah. To get there from Salt Lake, take I-15 to Tremonton. Go northwest on US 84 to the Park Valley Exit just past Snowville. Continue west and southwest on SR30 past Park Valley and Rosette. As the road begins to veer southwest, take the dirt road headed west. Follow the dirt road until you reach the staging area. (This is a good trail to type in our GPS coordinates in Google Earth to get a better idea).

The Raft River mountains are a fun trail system (off the beaten path) with varying degrees of difficulty. There are plenty of places to explore and many different routes to take. This area offers some great views and wildlife can often be seen.


Region:  Northern

Trailhead Location:  About 6 miles directly west of Rosette Utah

Trailhead GPS:  41°48’55.56″N 113°31’25.93″W

Trail Mileage:  30 Miles +/-

Riding Difficulty:  Moderate

Temperature Range:  30-90 Depending on Season


Additional Trail Information

Elevation High: 7600

Elevation Low: 5800

Terrain: ATV and Jeep width trails on dirt roads

Vegetation: Sage, Juniper, Pine

Best Travel Season: Summer and Fall

Map Availability: Online or REI

Breakfast Joint: Tremonton

Base Camp: Tremonton

Luxury Lodge: Tremonton



Springville UT | Hobble Creek Canyon

Springville, UT

Region:  Northern

Trailhead Location:  Take the left fork on Hobble Creek Canyon Rd. Park where paved road ends

Riding Difficulty:  Easy to moderate

Temperature Range:  Below freezing in the winter, Mid 70’s in the summer

Trail Description

Well defined dirt road in the Uinta National Forest. The trail becomes somewhat steep and rocky in areas. High country with pine and aspen trees.

Additional Trail Information

Elevation High:

Elevation Low:

Terrain: Easy to moderate trail riding. Some rocky sections

Vegetation: Aspens, pines

Best Travel Season: Late spring, summer, early fall.

Map Availability: Available on google maps

Breakfast Joint: Several places available in Springville

Base Camp: Jolly’s Ranch. Overnight camping with hookups. Less than a mile up the right fork past the golf course.

Luxury Lodge:

Millville | UT | Millville to Providence Loop

Millville, UT

Region:  NorthernTrailhead Location:  Mouth of Millville Canyon

Trail Description

Great Ride with stunning views of cache valley. There are some tough spots so ride with someone to help you through those tough areas.

Additional Trail Information

Elevation High:Elevation Low:Terrain:Vegetation:Best Travel Season:Map Availability:Breakfast Joint:Base Camp:Luxury Lodge:

Kamas | UT | Wolverine Trail System or Lily Lake

Kamas or Bear River Lodge , UT

Kamas or Bear River Lodge , UT

Region:  Northern

Trailhead Location:  About 50 miles east of Kamas on the Mirror Lake Highway

Trailhead GPS:  40°52’28.60″N 110°49’52.28″W

Trail Mileage:  50 Miles +/-

Riding Difficulty:  Mostly easy, some difficult

Temperature Range:  40-85 depending on season

Trail Description

Located in the high Uintas and close to the Bear River Lodge is the Lily lake or Wolverine ATV trail system (not to be confused with Lilly Lake or Murdock Basin Trail System). The Wolverine ATV trails has some incredible views and gorgeous sites like Christmas Meadows. This is a perfect place to take the family camping for the weekend and get in some great ATV riding. This area is well marked from the Highway and there a plenty of improved camp sites. A permit is required in this area and you will be stopped at the ranger station to pick it up. Most noticeable about this area is the number of lakes and streams. Many avid fishermen love to ride this trail with a fishing pole attached to their ATV and stop by the small lake for a few casts.

Trail difficulty depends on what you’re looking for and riders can keep it as simple as graded dirt roads or more challenging ATV width trails with some steep climbs. Because of the elevation, this area is only accessible for a few months of the year (Summer and Early Fall). There are also some great hikes in the area if you’re willing to get off the machine. Keep a good rain jacket handy as this area can turn to a downpour in a matter of a few minutes.

Additional Trail Information

Elevation High: 9600

Elevation Low: 8400

Terrain: Ranges from graded dirt roads to rocky ATV trails

Vegetation: High Uinta Pines and aspen

Best Travel Season: Mid Summer to Early Fall

Map Availability: Bear River Ranger Station

Breakfast Joint: Bear River Lodge

Base Camp: Plenty of Great Camping along Mirror Lake Highway

Luxury Lodge: Bear River Lodge

Bountiful | UT | Skyline Drive

Bountiful , UT

Region:  Northern

Trailhead Location:  On Eagle Ridge Drive just past the Bountiful “B” on the mountain

Trailhead GPS:  40°53’44.52″N 111°50’41.63″W

Trail Mileage:  60 Miles +/-

Riding Difficulty:  Moderate with a few very difficult areas if you get off the main road

Temperature Range:  25-90 Depending on Season

Trail Description

The Bountiful Ridge or Skyline Drive ATV trail is a great ride that’s close to home (if you live along the Wasatch Front). The trail offers some incredible views of the Great Salt Lake and some great mountain scenery and wildlife. The trail also connects with some of the trails up Farmington Canyon which makes it a longer trail system. The trail is fairly easy as long as you stay on Skyline Drive, but there are some difficult areas as you venture off the main road. It can get dusty in the Summer if it hasn’t rained in a while so be prepared.

Additional Trail Information

Elevation High: 9500

Elevation Low: 5200

Terrain: Jeep and ATV width trails

Vegetation: Aspen, Pines, Sagebrush, Cedars

Best Travel Season: Summer and Fall

Map Availability: REI

Breakfast Joint: BountifulBase Camp: Bountiful

Luxury Lodge: Bountiful

Farmington | UT | Farmington Canyon Trail System

Farmington , UT

Region:  NorthernTrailhead Location:  Up Farmington Canyon (take 100 East until it turns into Skyline Drive)Trailhead GPS:  41° 0’1.38″N 111°51’59.00″WTrail Mileage:  50+/- If you include Bountiful’s Skyline DriveRiding Difficulty:  ModerateTemperature Range:  20-90 Depending on Season

Trail Description

The Farmington Canyon (or Skyline Drive) trail system ties into the same trail system as the Skyline Drive trail system in Bountiful. This is a fun trail that’s close to home (if you live along the Wasatch Front) and is a good trail for the family. The trail is moderate, but if you take some of the branches there are more difficult areas. This trail offers some great views of the valley and mountain scenery.

Additional Trail Information

Elevation High: 9500

Elevation Low: 5200

Terrain: Jeep and ATV width trails

Vegetation: Aspen, Pines, Sage

Best Travel Season: Summer and Fall

Map Availability: REI

Breakfast Joint: Farmington

Base Camp: Improved campsites along the path

Luxury Lodge: Farmington